SOLVED! - What You Need to Know About Oneplus Two Invites Codes

The article discussed the oneplus two invite codes, what it is about, and how to collect it.


OnePlus 2 pictures, official photos

OnePlus company is known for its cutting-edge android design, basically improving the open sourced project to force a comparison with top Android manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony.

The OnePlus One was a huge success. However, the OnePlus Two was designed to be better. The device comes with the specifications:



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To further help them in conveying the highly sophisticated phone to the customers, OnePlus made use of the invite system, which is exclusive to the company’s website.

This method was also utilized in the OnePlus One, and it was deemed ideal for the OnePlus Two. Using the word Carl Pei who is a co-founder of the company, the invites will be about 50 times more from the beginning than the device demands.

This statement is evident in its sales statistics with OnePlus Two getting a total of 1 million reservations in 72 hours and 2 million reservations in a week after it was launched.

The reservation continually grows, and as of 2015, it has about 5 million. According to OnePlus, these are what you should know about the invitation codes.

  • Each invite code makes you able to buy a product before the start of open sales. It can also be redeemed to get other products.
  • You can redeem the invite codes only on their official websites
  • An invite code can only be used one time to get anything you want
  • If you have multiple codes, you can use them on the same order
  • Each invite code is used with a max of one voucher per order.
  • Invitation codes can be shared with another person, but when it expires, it expires on the accounts it was shared
  • After redeeming an invite code, new ones can be generated which can be used to obtain new items
  • Products obtained using the invite codes are returned via the same process like products obtained via standard methods are returned.


Many people have already understood what the invite system that OnePlus uses for their OnePlus 2 android device. You can obtain the invite by engaging in the competition, and you can also calm down and let us teach you how to get the OnePlus Two invites code

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The Official Way

OnePlus company is more confident of the way she engages the android operating system, deeming itself to produce more sophisticated android devices to compete with forerunner Samsung and others.

If you want to get the OnePlus Two android device in via the official way you must go through this process;

  • Register on their sites on the waiting list. However, because it is a waiting list, members of the OnePlus Two communities are given priority more than new members because of their dedication
  • Engage in the competitions that are made ready OnePlus to increase in the ranking. The contest is known as #WWWYDF2, i.e., What Would You Do For The 2. You can keep checking their forums and social media accounts to be notified of the new contest and increase your chances of getting an invite

The Unofficial Way

It is not recommended to try this method, because, in a way, it is circumventing those that have already registered.

However, since it is also true that it is someone that knows the way that becomes successful, you can also try it.

  • You can get an invite from someone who already has a OnePlus Two or has an invite. We are assured of faster shareable by OnePlus this time around.
  • You can also keep your eyes open on Reddit, where the invites codes are given away.
  • There is also another way by link-bombing the site in a way to increase the ranking system. However, it has been blocked by OnePlus