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Hi there,

I am

I am a Software developer with approx 4 years of experience in building various responsive and beautiful websites and apps.

Language: Ruby, Java, HTML/CSS, Android
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Hosting: Heroku, Godaddy
Database: Mysql, Postgres, Mongo, Oracle

I built this website to help people to solve their problem when using mobile.

Please let me know if you want to have paid guest post on my email: ethanphamvu@gmail.com.

We do offer the paid guest post at $40/post. We do NOT accept FREE.

Do you:

  • think of yourself as a tech-savvy person? 
  • enjoy digging into issues surrounding Android, its features, etc? 
  • have confidence in your writing skills and wish to give guest posting a try? 

In the case that your answers for all the above questions happen to be resounding “Yes”, you would be more than welcomed at 4gbritain.org. We always seek out guest writers that could help us add enlightening articles to our site and satisfy the thirst for information of our readers. 

What You Get By Writing For Us 

  • Opportunities to work alongside Android experts and analysts 
  • Prominence in the Android community 
  • Increased traffic and a strong portfolio

Rules That You Must Keep In Mind 

We won’t be posting everything that comes our way. You like to see your guest posts on our site? Then it’s important that you remember the rules down below while writing for us

  • Relevance: Your guest posts need to be relevant to Android.
  • Originality: The articles that you submit to us have to be unique with no plagiarism. We will check the contents for signs of content spinning. Additionally, if your guest posts receive the approval of our staff and get published on 4gbritain.org, you cannot post them on any other sites. 
  • Illustration: A lot of photos as well as examples. Furthermore, if possible, you should consider using non-copyrighted materials here. 
  • Honesty: In the case that you want to offer opinions on specific subjects, be honest. We at 4gbritain.org don’t take kindly to spamming, paid promotion and so on. 
  • Alterations: We may or may not post your articles in the same state as they come to us. Depending on the content, we would make a couple of changes for ease of reading, optimal SEO, …

Articles That We Publish On 4G Britain Deal With At Least One Of These Topics 

  • Android 
  • Android applications 
  • Analyses about the development of Android 
  • Devices that run on Android 
  • and many others…

Guidelines On How To Write Guest Posts

Generally, by reading several articles on our site, you should be able to grasp the basics of our writing style. Still, if you need help, check out the following guidelines to learn how to write three main types of guest posts: “How”, “Question” and “List”

“How” Articles 

As the name suggests, “how” articles show the readers how to do a particular task: configure settings, customize features, etc. Not all people know their way around Android so you have to write your articles in high detail and include as much illustration as necessary. 

“Question” Articles 

In “question” articles, you will talk about a certain question and how you approach it. To do so, you have to analyze the question, the way you tackle it and the result that you manage to achieve at the end. Lastly, you must teach the readers what needs to be done to replicate your result. 

“List” Articles

Consisting of a list of well-defined items, “question” articles” serve as references for readers to deal with specific subjects. In addition, each item in the list must be accompanied by a brief but informative description that fits its characteristics.

Length Of The Articles 

We at 4gbritain.org contemn generalization and encourage our writers to go into detail in times of need while writing. Thus, assuming that you get the point through, feel free to write your guest posts as long as you like without any worries at all. At a minimum, your guest posts should be 500-word-long 


When you submit your articles to our site, you should also include your own bio. A short introduction about yourself is going to be sufficient in most cases and it’s fine to add links to your social profiles too. 

Thanks & enjoy your time here.


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