Not Receiving Texts Without WiFi Android

Usually, not receiving texts without wifi Android is one of the consequences of bugs and you may want to restart the device. In the case that the issue persists, you should proceed to clear the cache, update Android to the latest version,  reset Network settings and perform a factory reset. New to Android and don’t … Read more

Otterbox Touch Screen Not Working: What You Should Know

A lot of brands make phone cases nowadays but in terms of popularity, Otterbox is one of the leading names. Dependable and reliable, Otterbox phone cases give a good account of themselves in multiple conditions. However, phone users that keep their device inside Otterbox cases still run into occasional problems and the irregular sensitivity of … Read more

No Data Service Temporarily Not Offered

When people want to connect their phones to the Internet, they have various options but for on-the-go devices, cellular data is the best. With cellular data, phone users could access the Internet as they move around which helps with navigation, communication and more. In most of the cases, after subscribing to data plans on their … Read more

Samsung Private Mode Forgot Password

For most owners of Samsung phones that don’t like others to see what they keep on their devices, Private Mode is a fantastic feature. Using Private Mode, people could hide pictures, clips, recordings, …from prying eyes with relative ease. In order to access contents hidden by Private Mode, Samsung users must enter a password that … Read more

Google, Why Are You Not Talking To Me

Being developed as an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant, Google Assistant is capable of performing quite a few tasks from opening apps to calling contacts. Noteworthily, with the ability to engage in two-way conversations, Google Assistant tends to give its users the feeling of talking to an actual person. That being said, on occasions, Google Assistant … Read more

How To Change Icon Size In Samsung: Methods

Different people often have different preferences which is why the phone community is at odds about the ideal icon size. Many like to have big icons so they would have an easy time locating them while others keep the icons small to optimize screen space. Luckily, for owners of Samsung devices, it’s possible to apply … Read more

Google Maps CPU Usage: Overviews

Once it comes to the web mapping services nowaday, Google Maps is widely considered to be among the leading names. From aerial photographs to street views, Google Maps is able to provide people with all kinds of details which makes it ideal for various applications. Still, while Google Maps is undoubtedly convenient, many of its … Read more