Stop OneDrive From Syncing Desktop

For Windows users who like to stay on the safe side, syncing files and folders to OneDrive from time to time is a good idea. By doing so, people could recover everything from OneDrive if their computers act up out of the blue. That being said, if the frequency and coverage of the syncing get … Read more

Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel(R) WDT)

All in all, Intel Watchdog Timer is what enables specialized devices to make use of the hardware on many Windows computers. In use, Intel Watchdog Timer would restart crashing instances of programs while logging the events for debugging. As a result, it is essential to make sure that the driver of the Intel Watchdog Timer … Read more

Microsoft Surface Camera Not Working

Ever run into Microsoft Surface camera not working? Corrupt cache in your camera app is the first suspect and you will have to reset your app. Additionally, you may have to uninstall then reinstall, update the drivers, check your privacy settings, end programs and reconfigure Windows Defender. To get detailed steps on how to solve … Read more

“File Is Open In Shell Infrastructure Host”

Generally speaking, today’s Windows users can delete files on their computers in a lot of ways. In most of the cases, the deletion of files is a straightforward affair that involves little time and effort.  Still, it’s worth pointing out that a couple of issues may get in the way of the process. Check out … Read more

XVDD SCSI Miniport Windows 10

Occasionally, outdated drivers are linked to Xvdd SCSI Miniport Windows 10 not working, and updating your drivers is recommended. If the driver update bears no fruit you might be forced to update the gaming services, update Windows, disable XVDD SCSI, and uninstall Xbox. This article is dedicated to teaching about XVDD SCSI Miniport and how to troubleshoot … Read more

“No Connections Are Available” Windows 10

All in all, Windows users don’t have to do much to connect their computer to WiFi networks in times of need. To establish WiFi connections, people only need to click the network icon in the taskbar, pick a network and hit Connect. However, errors could complicate the process and some of them may even prevent … Read more

Net Stop Wuauserv “Access Is Denied”

Overall, when Windows computers have trouble integrating updates, people could run the “net stop wuauserv” command in Command Prompt to stop the Windows Update service. Usually, as soon as Windows users run the command, the Windows Update service would ground to a halt. That being said, reports of net stop wuauserv “access is denied” still … Read more

Windows Update Error 80004004-40019

Windows 10 is well-known for its user-friendly interface which is no surprise as it is designed to ensure convenience. Needless to say, more and more Windows users who use old versions of Windows (7, 8, etc) decide to update to Windows 10 every day. In most cases, it won’t take a lot of work to … Read more