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“Wish to stay up-to-date on developments in the Android world?”

“Have some questions about your Android phone but don’t know where to look for answers?”

“Intend to get a new Android device and could use a couple of recommendations?”

In the case that the above reflects some of your main concerns as an Android user, you would find 4G Britain to be very helpful. Created in 2012 by Hardik Hardiya, 4G Britain addresses an assortment of topics surrounding Android devices, applications, bugs and so on. By conducting extensive research, 4G Britain writers aim to keep articles on our site neutral, precise and relevant. Also, we at 4G Britain make an effort to read the comments for feedback which permits us to enhance the readability of articles. 

What We Have To Offer 

4G Britain posts a diversity of subjects but overall, you should across these types of articles on our site: 


Made to show readers how to perform specific tasks, Guidance articles prove popular among novice as well as veteran Android users. To ensure that readers can get the result they desire at the end, articles of the type describe each step of the way with simple words. Furthermore, Guidance articles even include minor differences between models of Android devices to minimize confusion. As a result, if you have a hard time getting your Android to do stuff, you may want to look for Guidance articles on our site.


Electronics act up from time to time and the same applies to devices that run on the Android operating system. Because of that, we at 4G Britain dedicate resources to put together a series of Troubleshooting articles for Android users. Via Troubleshooting articles, people could determine the source of problem, deal with it and return their phone to normal in a matter of moments. Needless to say, our Troubleshooting articles receive a lot of compliments from those who have to struggle with bugs on their phone on occasions. 

Tips And Tricks 

Usually, it won’t take much to master the basics of Android but not everything about the Linux-based operating system is straightforward. That means knowing a couple of tips and tricks about Android should improve your time with your device. On 4G Britain, Tips And Tricks articles incorporate a combination of details from prominent sources and personal experiences of our writers. Articles of the type also receive revisions periodically to include new data and that allows them to keep up with recent developments. 

Questions And Answers 

Curious about the way your Android phone operates? In that case, Questions And Answers articles on 4G Britain can help you out. 

Filled with information about processes that capture the interest of Android users, our Questions And Answers articles excel at providing breakdowns. All you have to do is to give articles of the type a look to understand how things work in the Android operating system. Our writers always keep Questions And Answers articles as comprehensive as possible so it’s a breeze to visualize the big picture. Last but not least, since our writers integrate inputs from readers, the interactivity of such articles is high. 

Future Plans Of 4G Britain

In general, Mr. Hardiya set up 4G Britain as a way to assist non-tech savvy Android users around the globe. In addition to that, Mr. Hardiya wishes to use 4G Britain to promote his paid consulting service to those in need. 

At the moment, we at 4G Britain intend to widen the coverage of our articles to handle a diversity of desires of our readers. The process requires time though as we have to look for new writers, arrange interviews, schedule orientations, etc. Aside from that, 4G Britain currently targets English-speaking readers in Europe, USA and other countries but we may introduce new languages besides English soon. Finally, the layout of the site is going to receive an overhaul to navigation. 


Chief Technical Officer

Hardik Hardiya

Being a Software Developer with years of experience, Mr. Hardiya knows his way around common operating systems, especially Android. Through his work, Mr. Hardiya comes to understand most difficulties that Android users must face as they use their devices. Using the knowledge that he accumulates over the years, Mr. Hardiya wants to turn 4G Britain into a place where people can come to seek information in times of need. 


John Dawes

Thanks to his intimacy with technologies, Mr. Dawes is able to write interesting articles about aspects of the Android operating systems. Also, as a person that never shies away from challenges, Mr. Dawes could be counted upon once it comes to analyzing complex subjects. Naturally, to our writer team at 4G Britain, Mr. Dawes is by all accounts a valuable asset. 

Stephen Aitkins

With a history in various occupations from Developer to Project Manager, Mr. Aitkins possesses great insight into the mobile world. By emphasizing accuracy, Mr. Aitkins maintains a high level of quality for his pieces. Because of that, articles of Mr. Aitkins on 4G Britain earn special attention from those who want to grasp the fundamentals of certain topics. 

Stephanie Spanjian

Recognized as a talented Senior Software Engineer, Miss Spanjian knows the operation of Android OS like the back of her hand. Thus, by relying on her mastery, Miss Spanjian can produce excellent articles that satisfy the thirst for knowledge of Android users. It’s worth pointing out that  Miss Spanjian


Lena Ara

Graduated from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis with a Master degree in Computer Engineering, Miss Ara is a professional Software Developer. Wishing to help people tackle Android issues, Miss Ara sends articles to 4G Britain from time to time. Since her works contain unique opinions, we at 4G Britain very much appreciate her contributions. 

Keyur Mehta

A combination of strong academic background, passion to assist others and abundant firsthand experiences make Mr. Mehta an important contributor to 4G Britain. Articles wrote by Mr. Mehta usually feature in-depth information about mobile from devices to applications. Unsurprisingly, readers of outside hold Mr. Mehta in high esteem. 


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