Android USB Options Not Showing

Android USB options not showing is an error caused by loose connection and to resolve that, you should plug and unplug the cable. If the issue persists, you should consider restarting the device, changing the USB cable, apply changes in Developer Options, disabling USB Debugging, etc. Spare some time to read this article and put … Read more

Cannot Resolve System ‘TextView’

If you are new to Android development, especially using Android Studio, you will encounter a lot of issues and error displays. Some errors are easy to figure out, while others seem to be discouraging. More so, with these errors, you’ll learn a lot — it’s part of the process. So, in this article, we tackle … Read more

GroupMe Notifications Not Working

GroupMe notifications not working is an issue that could be caused by many issues and the best fix is to secure a stable Wi-Fi network. Also, you may want to turn on notifications in the phone settings, disable battery optimization, switch off DND (Do Not Disturb), disable data saver and so on. New to Android … Read more

No Data Service Temporarily Not Offered

When people want to connect their phones to the Internet, they have various options but for on-the-go devices, cellular data is the best. With cellular data, phone users could access the Internet as they move around which helps with navigation, communication and more. In most of the cases, after subscribing to data plans on their … Read more

Otterbox Touch Screen Not Working: What You Should Know

A lot of brands make phone cases nowadays but in terms of popularity, Otterbox is one of the leading names. Dependable and reliable, Otterbox phone cases give a good account of themselves in multiple conditions. However, phone users that keep their device inside Otterbox cases still run into occasional problems and the irregular sensitivity of … Read more

Unable to Capture Screenshot. Prevented by Security Policy – Samsung

If you come across the “Unable to Capture Screenshot. Prevented by Security Policy” message, app restriction is usually the one responsible and you should update security policy. Aldo, you should exit incognito mode, project smartphone display to another phone, … You have a hard time capturing screenshots on your Android device? In that case, this … Read more

Not Receiving Texts Without WiFi Android

Usually, not receiving texts without wifi Android is one of the consequences of bugs and you may want to restart the device. In the case that the issue persists, you should proceed to clear the cache, update Android to the latest version,  reset Network settings and perform a factory reset. New to Android and don’t … Read more

YouTube CC Button Missing

Once it comes to Youtube CC button missing, you should check out Youtube settings and apply changes if necessary. In the case that the issue persists, it is wise to contact the video creator, reach out to Youtube support and so on. You know little about how things work on Youtube? Then spare a bit … Read more