Gray Triangle with Exclamation Point in Text Message

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Youtube Cast Button Missing/ Not Showing

Once it comes to YouTube Cast button missing/not showing, a number of possibilities exist: less than ideal connection, casting application error, etc. About fixes, you should disconnect from the network and reconnect to it, force stop the application, download and install app updates and restart your device. Spare some time to take a look at … Read more

Battle Cats Account Recovery

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Gmail Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems

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Block a Wifi Network on Android

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Turn In Radio Troubleshooting

If your car radio refuses to work properly, there are many reasons for this problem. The problems can range from the car radio is too old or installation issues. However, you can try to determine the cause of your problem and see if you can fix it yourself. This will save you the stress of … Read more

What is Network Security Key for Samsung Hotspot and How to Set It?

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How to Move Pictures from One Folder to Another on Android?

Aside from default folders already present in Android mobile phones, you can add new folders. This allows you to move documents, videos, and images from one folder to another. You can group pictures according to your preferred cluster for easy navigation. How to move pictures from one folder to another on Android, you may ask? … Read more

Fix Screen Protector Bubbles using Hairdryer

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Android volume random changes in 5 minutes

Many unique and awesome features come with the Android operating system. However, just like any other operating system on mobile devices, it also has it’s various glitches. One common issue that Android users experience is the Android device media volume randomly changing without any touch applied to it. This article will do justice to reasons … Read more