Top 5 Things to Prepare for and Pass Certbolt Microsoft AZ-500 Exam. Can You Use Practice Tests?

Passing any test successfully in the first place requires diligent and thorough preparation. This will definitely bear fruits in the form of the high scores and the perks coming afterward. Thus, this post offers some of the top tricks that you can implement in your AZ-500 certbolt exam preparation. This assessment targets to validate your Azure Security skills and find out if you are eligible for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate badge. So, what are those tips to follow during your AZ-500 prep?

What to Do to Prepare and Pass AZ-500 Accreditation?

Well, if you do the things below when preparing for your AZ-500, you will pass this exam with flying colors:

  1. Know the content of the Microsoft AZ-500

One of the first things to do when choosing an IT test to sit for is to read what is measured during its final version. Like all other Microsoft certbolt exam pages, AZ-500 offers a list of skills that it is going to gage. This list is accurate as it was compiled by the vendor and will help you focus and study the test content properly. Thus, the skills that you’ll have to develop for AZ-500 are as follows:

  • Securing both data and applications;
  • Management of security operations;
  • Implementation of platform protection;
  • Identity & access administration.
  1. Be aware of the question types

Getting familiar with the test question types beforehand will be of great help. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not mention the exact number of questions or their formats in each assessment. For more visit

However, you should expect 40-60 tasks in case study, multiple-choice, best answer, drop and drag, hot area, mark review, and many other styles. As you can see, being familiar with the question formats will make it simple for applicants to tackle the exam questions and receive the highest points per question.

  1. Using a prep planner

It would be best if you crafted a useful planner that will cover the duration of preparing for your Microsoft AZ-500. This might be three to four weeks before the date you are required to be officially accredited. Thus, your planner must have:

  • The list of the certbolt exam objectives;
  • Time allotted for each topic;
  • Hard domains and adequate ways to cover them.
  1. Remember to use practice tests   

If you didn’t know that, there are plenty of practice tests available online. Such tests are crucial in your AZ-500 prep as they will help you know your current scope of expertise. This also means that you will get aware of which test area needs more time and attention from your side. For more visit

In addition, dumps can duplicate the environment in the real test-writing situation, which is a great technique for your certbolt exam prep as it reduces your anxiety and boosts your confidence. But still, try to find reliable practice tests with questions that resemble those in the real exam and practice hard for the final day.

  1. Relax and stay focused

Prior to the test day, you ought to have had a good night’s rest. And on the exact date, ensure that you are calm and relaxed. Also, arrive at the exam center a little bit earlier than needed such that you can have adequate time to get ready for taking your AZ-500. This will allow you to focus on reading, comprehending, and answering exam questions.



There are numerous techniques to use when preparing for the Microsoft AZ-500 test. What we have in this list, including the use of practice tests, are some of the best methods appreciated by a lot of aspiring candidates. So, improve your understanding of the certbolt exam topics through these strategies and have a chance to nail AZ-500. Best of luck!

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