SOLVED! - Nexus 4 Won’t Turn On

If your Nexus 4 won’t turn on, there is a good chance that its battery is depleted so the best solution is to recharge. Besides that, you could also remove and reinsert the battery, send in the device for repair and so on. Not exactly tech-savvy and have no idea what must be done to get your phone to turn on? Then this article is going to be of use to you. 

The Usual Suspects 

Is Nexus 4 Still Supported?

Like other smartphones that run on Android OS, Nexus 4 could run into a number of issues in the course of operation. In the case that your Nexus 4 won’t turn on, you should keep in mind the possibilities down below:

  • Battery is depleted.
  • Loose battery connection.
  • Damaged components.

A List Of Solutions 


All in all, if the battery of Nexus 4 is depleted, there is no way the device could turn on. Thus, if you notice your Nexus 4 not turning on, it’s strongly recommended that you recharge the device for at least an hour. Once the one-hour mark passes, press and hold the Power button then determine whether the issue persists. Assuming that things go smoothly, your Nexus 4 is going to turn on. 

Remove And Reinsert The Battery 

Remove Nexus 4 battery

  • Step 1: Turn your Nexus 4 on its back, get the back cover out of the way and remove the battery.
  • Step 2: Reinsert the battery but make sure that it sits snugly in the battery compartment. 
  • Step 3: Connect the device to its charger, plug the charger into an outlet then press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons on your Nexus 4 at the same time. Keep both buttons pressed until you reach FAST BOOT MODE. Next, use the Volume buttons to bring up RECOVERY MODE then press the Power button.
  • Step 4: Use the Volume buttons to navigate to reboot system now and press the Power button.
  • Step 5: See how things turn out. 

Send In The Device For Repair 

If none of the above works, it’s highly likely that internal components of your Nexus 4 have been damaged. Regarding damaged components, your best bet in most of the cases is to send in the device for repair. If the device is still under warranty, you don’t have to pay for the repair. However, if the warranty is no longer valid and the cost of repair is excessive, you should consider picking up a new phone. 

How Do I Contact Google Nexus Service Center?

The best way to contact Google Nexus Service Center is to call the Google Service Helpline number i.e. 1800 419 0655. Remember to make your call between 9 AM and 6 PM. Alternatively, you could make use of  Google Nexus 24/7 live chat support. You only need to state the issue in the given tab then view resources and resolutions for that issue. 

Is Nexus 4 Still Supported?

No, it isn’t. Models in the Nexus series usually get security upgrades for at least three years from the day it was initially made available on the Google Store. Introduced in the early 2010s, Nexus 4 is no longer supported. It’s worth pointing out that the Nexus series was shut down in 2016 and replaced by Google Pixel series. 

Why Did Nexus One Fail?

Primary reasons include the absence of a no-contact service and the steep price to get the device unlocked. Aside from that, Google didn’t bother to advertise Nexus One on TV so not many people knew of it. Finally, the support for the device was less than ideal which led to dissatisfaction among the customers. 

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