Top 5 Things to Prepare for and Pass Certbolt Microsoft AZ-500 Exam. Can You Use Practice Tests?

Passing any test successfully in the first place requires diligent and thorough preparation. This will definitely bear fruits in the form of the high scores and the perks coming afterward. Thus, this post offers some of the top tricks that you can implement in your AZ-500 certbolt exam preparation. This assessment targets to validate your … Read more

Discord Stops Working in Game

Discord mic not working

If you notice that Discord stops working in game, the headset is the number one suspect and you may want to determine whether it’s in good condition. In the case that the issue persists, close and relaunch Discord, reset voice settings, set the headset microphone as the input device, … Continue reading to put an … Read more

How To Remove Someone From A Discord Group/Channel


Since all kinds of people exist on Discord, moderators must know how to remove someone from a Discord group/channel so as to get rid of disturbing users. The process is a straightforward affair that takes little time and effort to complete in most of the cases. Take a look at this article to keep undesirable … Read more

Vimeo Repeat and Speed. How to Control?

Vimeo is the first video – sharing site that provides videos with high resolution and quality. Thanks to its outstanding features, Vimeo attracts more than 100 million visitors per month and more than 22 million registered users. To help you understand more about its usage, in this article, we’ll give you guidance on how to repeat … Read more

How to Set Custom Discord Game Status

Custom Discord Status

If you are an online PC gamer, you might know with Discord which is a free chat app designed for gamers. This app is released in 2015 and rapidly has 250 million user accounts. In this tutorial, we will talk about the way to how to set custom Discord game status. Description of Discord app Discord is a chat … Read more

Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools – What You Should Know

Mobile testing is the event where applications or mini-programs are tested for mobile devices. The main points being monitored during this process are usability, functionality, and stability. Testing these areas is essential considering that end users will perceive the app or program using a smaller but varying screen sizes of their mobile devices that use … Read more

Quickest Ways to Download Speaker Cleaner for Android

Clean Android Phone's speakers

It is true that over time, your smartphone may get dust particles and different kind of dirt that even can’t be seen with the naked eyes. Sometimes, you are too busy using your phone without paying much attention to cleaning it, especial its speaker. And there is one day, you’ll start to hear the sound coming out … Read more

How to Download Media to share apk on your Android Smartphone?

media to share apk avatar

Nowadays, sharing photos or videos between Android smartphones is very popular in our life. There’s a large selection of excellent tools you can use to send your media to others, and some are even free. Here is the most popular, well-tested option: Media to share apk. If you are having a lot of photos and … Read more

Amazon Alexa Fileplanet – Download APK

amazon alexa app

Technology is constantly developing and becoming an indispensable part of our lives. There are tons of technological products made to meet the increasing needs of people in modern society. Alexa, Amazon’s voice-control system, is one of those amazing products. She helps you manage routines, follows you when you are doing housework, sticks by your side when you are … Read more

Android Apps Uninstall Themselves Automatically?

apps uninstall themselves

Quite a few factors could make Android apps uninstall themselves and to fix that, you must consider rooting your phone. Moreover, you could convert user apps to system apps, reboot your phone and so on. Spare some time to take a look at this article to put an end to the issue.   What are … Read more