SOLVED! Discord Stops Working in Game

If you notice that Discord stops working in game, the headset is the number one suspect and you may want to determine whether it’s in good condition. In the case that the issue persists, close and relaunch Discord, reset voice settings, set the headset microphone as the input device, … Continue reading to put an end to the issue and put Discord to good use.

Method 1: Quit Discord and Rerun it

One of the best solutions recommended for ‘Discord mic not working’ error is quitting Discord and rerunning it. However, this is only a temporary fix. If you want to seek for a long-term one, follow methods below.

Click the User Settings → Scroll down, click Log Out →  click the Log Out button again to confirm. Keep repeating the procedure a few times until it registers.

user settings in discord
User settings in discord



log out Discord
Log out Discord 

Method 2: Reset Voice Settings

Sometimes this problem could also be solved by resetting the voice settings on Discord, one of the most feasible solutions. Below is how to reset the Voice Settings in Discord:

Step 1: Click the User Settings icon on the Discord windows.

user settings in discord
User settings in discord

Step 2: Click on Voice & VideoReset Voice Settings.

voice and video in discord
Voice and video in Discord

Step 3: Click Okay to confirm your resetting voice setting

Ok reset voice settings
Ok reset voice settings

Step 4: Reconnect your mic and then send an audio message to others to see if the problem has been solved.

Method 3: Select your headset microphone under Input Device

If method 2 doesn’t work well in your case, let’s check if Discord has the correct microphone in the first place.

Below is a fast way to make sure that the correct microphone is selected for Discord:

Click the User Settings on the Discord windows.

User Setting in Discord
User Setting in Discord

Then, click on Voice & Video.

Voice & Video in Discord
Voice & Video in Discord


In Input Device, select the microphone from your headset.

Input device in Discord
Input Device in Discord

* Note:

If you are not sure about choosing
a proper microphone as an input device, be noticed that your headset is connected to the PC. Next, right click on the audio icon and click the Recording device. After that,  talk to your headset mic and see which level icon lights up. You can then find the name of the headset microphone in the vicinity to the left of the level icon. Finally, make sure that you have Input Volume set at Max.

In case you try all of the solutions above but they don’t work, reinstall the Discord app and see if the problem is removed. We hope that with those instructions on how to fix ‘Mic stops working’ error provided above, you will have amazing experiences while playing games.

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