SOLVED! - Toyota Android Auto Hack. Camry, Rav4

Considering the threat of hackers nowadays, it’s only natural for topics like Toyota Android Auto hack protection to catch the interest of Android users worldwide. While the security of Android Auto is solid, it’s impossible to be careful when sensitive information is at stake. Spare a bit of your time to check out this article and learn what must be done.

First and foremost, we need to cultivate the definition of “Android Auto”. 

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a system that lets you mirror some of your Android phone’s functionality onto your car’s infotainment screen.

On some phones which were built in Android Auto, you just need to plug the phone into your car with a USB cable. In older phones, you have to do one more step: download Android Auto app into your phone. 

Android Auto has a wide range of apps which make you more satisfied. Apart from Google Maps, Whatsapp, you can also call Google Assistant for help or watch videos either.

How can a hacker hack your Toyota Android auto?

Hackers in an auto app could do at least three different ways but the consequences are endless. You will not imagine how it could harm your system.

One way that hackers may use is to send you a bogus email or text messages with an attachment which may contain malicious code or malware. Without much effort, when you open that attachment, this harmful malware your phone and hackers can easily dick your personal information, passwords or any account which many apps store in an unencrypted format.

Another approach is that they will post something with fake links like downloading the Android latest version. Once you download it, your phone would be trapped and hackers could burrow into login accounts for apps used in the phone.

A possible way hackers can use is they post an app which is not related to the car but the car’s user may want like most precise maps. Then they will steal your information when you log in.

How dangerous if your Toyota Android Auto is hacked?

As we mentioned in the previous passages, three ways that hackers use may all lead to unexpected consequences. For example, they will sell your personal information on the dark web that car thieves may interest. What’s more, they can even control your car with an app on a smartphone.

How can you protect your Toyota Android Auto?

1. Stop using auto apps and delete them from your Android phone.

This isn’t an ideal method for people who depend on apps to keep track of fuel, maintenance needs, battery charge, and so on. However, if an app is around, it is at a high risk that your information will be stolen.

2. Download all apps directly from Google Play.

If you download your apps directly from Google Play, there’s less of a chance that they contain malicious code. Because apps in Googe Play is pure so you can believe in its safety. There are outsources that also allow you to install apps faster, however, be careful with them because hackers may change and add malicious code in that.

Android Auto or Apple Carplay, which one is better for Toyota cars?

Android Auto and Apple Carplay have differences with each other. We will point out some drawbacks and advantages of each through the comparison below.

  • Apps: Android Auto has various apps than Apple Carplay does.
  • Requirement: Android allows all kinds of Android phones and versions to download. Contrastly, Carplay needs iPhone 5 or later to access.
  • Interface: Android Auto is too far off, the interface is uncluttered and straightforward which would be helpful in on-the-move navigation. This point, Apple surpasses as its interface is quite the same as the one in iPhone which makes slightly easier for drivers on the move.

Android Auto and Apple Carplay are both good. You can use either system lest you don’t want  to use your Toyota car’s own interface. Moreover, both systems also let you charge your phone while using them, a great benefit if your car doesn’t have many USB ports.

To sum up, this article helps you to understand deeply the definition of Toyota Android Auto, points out some ways to save Android Auto from being hacked and also makes a comparison between Android Auto system and Apple Carplay. Hope that the information is helpful for you.