SOLVED! How to Download Media to share apk on your Android Smartphone?

Nowadays, sharing photos or videos between Android smartphones is very popular in our life. There’s a large selection of excellent tools you can use to send your media to others, and some are even free. Here is the most popular, well-tested option: Media to share apk. If you are having a lot of photos and videos want to share with your family or friends when you are not having Bluetooth connection or don’t want to send photos via Bluetooth, using Media to Share app can be a media saver. With the help of Media to share apk app, it will become easier and faster. Media to share apk is an app that allows users to send any photos or videos from Gallery to their contacts. It also includes a lot of features such as sending fake photos or videos. In this writing, I will introduce Media to share apk app in great detail. 

Media to share apk
Download Media to share apk


How to download Media to share apk app?

Media to share apk is an effective shareable app in order to share media from your Album to another mobile phone. This app is not available on Google Play, so users need to download and install it on a third-party website called which provides a number of apk files of applications and games. Download Media to share apk on for free and safe. 

To download Media to share apk app successfully, you carry out those steps below that guide how to download Media to share apk app on Android mobile phone.

Note: Your Android smartphone should be changed in Settings in order to download apk files from a website instead of Google Play. Click on Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Step 1: Access website and find the app on the search bar. 

Step 2: Click on the application and then download it into your Android smartphone.

Step 3: Open the folder that contains the downloaded apk file, then click on Install to begin the installation process. After 1 minute, you can share the media easily with your contacts by using Media to share apk app. 

How it works: Media to share apk app

Media to share apk app helps users to transfer or send photos and videos with their friends from their smartphone to another one. Specifically, if you demand to share photos with your friend, you can send snaps directly from Gallery on your smartphone. It’s easier than ever for you to share your photos or videos to your contacts. It is quite simple because it has been done in 4 steps. 

Step 1: Access to Media to share apk app, click on Start on the interface to begin the sharing process.

media to share 1

Step 2: Select an image that you want to share in Album and choose videos on checkbox. 

media to share 2

Step 3: Next, disable Wi-fi or data (3G/4G) before sending the photo or video. You should turn Airplane mode on to deliver the media easier and faster. 

media to share 3

Step 4: After, return and click gain on the media, then send it. 

media to share 4

Besides, with Media to share apk app, users can send fake photos, videos, or even add fake story. This feature is similar to Snapchat, so users can do more things with Media to share apk. Moreover, if your Android smartphone is using Android version 4.3+, so you can update this app with the automatic replacement service. This service helps to replace photos or videos that were not sent successfully, so it will automatically resend those media.


In short, sharing photo and video for Android devices becomes uncomplicated with Media to share apk app. This post will surely answer your question as it is quite possible to send photos or videos from one Android phone to another without using Bluetooth.