SOLVED! - How to Return Sprint Airave

The Airave is a base station used for personal purposes. Also, it provides you with 3G mobile broadband coverage for your sprint devices. These devices may include phones, hot spots, tablets, etc. It costs only $99.99 to buy an Airave. An additional service cost of $4.99 a month also applies.

However, if you buy a Sprint Airave and do not use it for months. You will pay $140 as a replacement fee, if not returned.

If you have no plans of using your Airave, here is how to return it.

  • Call the customer care at 1-866-556-7310 and request for a return kit.
  • Ensure you let them know it is an Airave return kit and not a phone.
  • A pre-paid return kit will be shipped to you from sprint for free.
  • Put the Airave inside and ship it back for free.

It is as simple as that if only you follow the steps above. Please note that you can’t return an Airave to a sprint store. Many customers have made this mistake and were turned down by the store.

Quick research on the internet, will show you that many customers want to return their Airave. Why you may ask?

A few common problems have been associated with this product. If you want to return the Airave because of this, look below because you will find a solution.

Common Problems With Sprint Airave And How To Solve It

A few problems have been listed below with their solutions. Please note that these problems are the major complaints of some customers.

The Airave Not Connecting To Phone

If the Airave is not connected to your phone but may have connected before, try any of the solutions below and see if it works for you.

  • Make sure the Airave is in an approved service area. You can check that by visiting the sprint website.
  • Verify that you have an active broadband internet connection.
  • Ensure that the Airave is activated on your account.
  • Verify that the Airave has been set up correctly.
  • The GPS led light should be green. If the light has been flashing, install the external GPS antenna.
  • Make sure that the Airave is connected directly to cable or DSL modem.
  • The computer or router should be plugged into the Airave’s LAN port.
  • Run an internet speed test to check for broadband service issues.
  • Last, Unplug all power cables and plug them back.

If you have tried any of these solutions. You can rest assured that the problem is fixed permanently.

Unable To Make And Receive Calls

The Airave may have been working perfectly before. Suddenly, you can’t make or receive calls. Please try any of the solutions below.

  • Update the PRL
  • Ensure that the Airave is connected to your account.
  • Change the roaming settings to sprint only
  • Carry out a soft reset

If you are having difficulty resetting an Airave, look below.

To reset the Airave:

  • Plug the Ethernet cord into the device and your modem/router.
  • The reset tab is on the left side
  • Make sure you leave the Ethernet cord plugged in, for 24 hours. Then you can contact customer support.

How To Connect Airave To Sprint Device

You have bought the Airave, what next? Is how to connect with your device. This is a point where most users make mistakes.

  • Switch the device to sprint only in the roaming options.
  • Dial *99 and press call. This should be done on your device. For example, a phone or tablet.
  • After dialling, wait till it says that you are now in the Airave range.
  • You will get a full signal after that.

Things To Look Out For Before Buying An Airave

Certain steps you need to take before the purchase of an Airave. This is to prevent problems that may arise. So you don’t have to return an Airave because you cannot use it.

  • List the addresses where you are going to use the Airave.
  • List the ISP of each location.
  • Ensure you have permission from the network administrator to use the device in the building.

If you don’t follow these steps, they may be the reason your Airave cannot work.


The benefits of using a sprint Airave cannot be overemphasized. Especially if you are living in an area with a crappy network.

This Airave uses your device’s internet connection. Then connects it to the nearest sprint tower. Thereby giving you a good 3G network. Apart from boosting your network, it ensures you don’t miss your incoming calls. Calls made with an Airave is known to have good sound quality.

The Airave is not devoid of problems either. If you can’t fix them, you can return them. By reading this article to the end, you can not only return the Airave comfortably. But fixing any problem that can be easily solved.












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