How to Fix Snapchat Continuous Video Not Working on Android in 5 minutes

When compared to other operating systems using Snapchat, android has always been at a receiving end even though been the highest user of the application. There are many problems such as the camera not utilized, and the Snapchat continuous video not working. This article talks about what Snapchat is on android, and how to solve the problem of continuous video not working.


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If you’re not familiar with Snapchat in this age, you’re either an anti-social media person or an adult. Snapchat is one of the biggest social media apps that are around nowadays. It is a messaging app that can be used to send pictures and videos with just a click. Due to its ability to self destruct any photo or video sent, it has become quite popular among teenagers.

For Android users, Snapchat has not been so much fun due to the incessant crashes and poor picture and video quality that has become quite known with the android version of the app.

When the app was initially developed, it was made for iOS, and it has always been more optimized for the iOS operating system as all the problems evident on the Android version of the app are nowhere to be found on the iOS version of the app.

The reason for the poor picture and video quality on the Android version was explained by the management of Snapchat. The reason is the app doesn’t take pictures or record videos with the actual camera of the phone but takes screengrabs of what is on the screen of the phone, hence, the massive reduction in the quality of pictures and videos.

The result of this is that the pictures taken on the actual camera of an Android phone look different from that taken with the Snapchat app. However, the opposite is the case with the iOS version ad it takes pictures with the actual camera, and the combination of the stellar cameras of iPhones with all the excellent features of Snapchat, pictures, and videos will look good.

It was also discovered that these issues with the app were only found on middle-range Android phones but were not found on flagship phones. Recently, an update of the app was launched which turned out to be way better than the previous version as the management of the app noticed a large percentage of their users were Android users, and there was a steady decline in the use of the app hence, they had to take urgent actions to better their user experience and attract more Android users.


There are a lot of amazing features on the Snapchat app, which endears it to its users. Let’s explains few and how they work

  • Self-destruct feature: This is probably one of the most attractive features on the app. The fact that any picture or video you send to a friend or put on you put on your Snapchat Story has a 24-hour life span. This feature has made many teenagers enjoy the use of the app. However, it is advisable to be responsible for the use of the app and always remember that there are still ways to save pictures or videos sent on the app before sending any video or picture that can be used against you later in the future.

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  • Filters and lenses: Another very interesting feature of the app. They are different kinds of filters (ranging from flowers to whiskers or even glasses) that can be added to pictures to give them a lively and enhanced look. Some filters are triggered by the location of the user (known as geo filter). This type of filter captions your current location on the picture with colorful designs.

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  • Snapchat Story: This is one innovative feature that other multimedia apps have added to their designs. It allows you to take pictures and record short videos (up to 30 seconds) and post on your Story section, and everyone on your friend list can see your story. It only has a 24-hour life span, so it disappears after a day.Snapchat Year End Story now rolling out, how to view yours - 9to5Mac

There are many more features with the one this article being based on being the Continuous video, which is discussed in the next heading.


Snapchat Update 10.13.0 - How to Record Longer Than 10 Seconds In ...

One of the newest features of Snapchat is the ability to record videos for more than the traditional 10 seconds. It becomes a pain when you want to record videos, and the maximum amount of time you can use to organize and produce yourself is 10 seconds.

If 10 seconds is not enough, you start looking doing numerous videos just to pass out the information. With this update, you can make a video of a whooping timeframe of 60 seconds and send it to your friends.

This update says bye to the break and the annoying time gap seen in the three to four videos you send to make your point gotten by your friends


The way to record still has not changed, and you can follow these steps if you are a Snapchat newbie

  • Point your camera to the scene you want to record (either your front or back camera0
  • Tap and hold the large circle in the middle to start recording
  • When you do this, a ring appear showing you the time taken, and it runs for 60 seconds

Once you have done this, you are done with the recording of 60 seconds video. You can then apply anything that makes Snapchat special such as text, drawings, stickers, and filters.


The problem is common to OnePlus users and is evident when the Snapchat only allows a video recording of 10 secs or less instead of the 60 seconds it is supposed to allow. To solve the problem, you can try the following method.


The error might have been corrected in the newer update, and you should update it. You can navigate to the Google Play Store for your update or click here


If your application is updated, and you are experiencing the problem still, you can follow these steps to clear the cache that might have accumulated, causing the Snapchat to malfunction.

Navigate to Settings>Application>SnapChat>Storage> then clear the cache. Restart your device, and Snapchat should work normally.


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