SOLVED! - Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi but Fine on Mobile Data

When your app is working on Wi-Fi but isn’t working on mobile data, we can understand that because it’s a very common issue. Of course, Wi-Fi connection is stronger and more stable than mobile data. But, what if it’s the other way around — apps not working on Wi-Fi but find on mobile data? What do you think is the problem when your app is working fine with your cellular data connection but not over Home Wi-Fi, for example? A weird problem, but has a reason and solution.

Why Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi but fine on Mobile Data?

The most common reason why some apps aren’t working on a more stable Wi-Fi connection is because of restrictions. If only selected apps aren’t working on your Home Wi-Fi, check if these apps are allowed or blocked by your network.

Another reason for this issue could be that the app is country-specific. For example, if have this problem while accessing Amazon Prime abroad, it’s a given problem. You can only access your account in the country where you get it.

Lastly, it could be of the iPv6 connection of your router. Minor triggers could also be the reason. Among which are incompatible router and phone connection, outdated system software, and a lot more.

The next section will walk you through the troubleshooting steps so you can find the culprit and eventually get rid of the problem. If it’s your phone, the network, or your router that isn’t working properly, the following procedures should guide you to the ultimate solution.

Troubleshooting Steps to Make Apps Work on Wi-Fi Connection

You have come to this point because you are looking for explanations and solutions on the app not working on Wi-Fi but fine on mobile data.

Don’t Use Mobile Data and Wi-Fi At the Same Time

Both Wi-Fi and mobile data connection allow you to access the internet in a breeze. Although some devices are smart enough to connect to a stronger network, sometimes, it’s the cause of the problem. So, if upon switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi you encounter this problem, check if the mobile data is deactivated. If it’s already deactivated and yet, you still have the problem, restart your phone to refresh the system.

Connect Other Phone or to Other Wi-Fi Connection

If only certain apps aren’t working on that Wi-Fi connection, we can’t deduct that it’s a problem with the router or phone without investigating. First, try to connect your phone to another Wi-Fi connection. If it works, the problem is on your router, perhaps, on the restrictions and Settings. Otherwise, it could be a problem with your phone or the app itself.

In most cases, some apps might not be working on Wi-Fi connection if battery saving mode is turned on. It’ll limit background data to save power. Try turning it off and restart your phone, see if this problem disappears.

Now, try to connect another phone or device and access the app you have a problem before. If the app can be accessed successfully from another phone it could be because of your Settings or the app you have isn’t updated. Else, you can check the firewall settings of your network. Perhaps, the app is being blocked there. If it’s blocked in the network, simply unblock it and you will solve the problem.

Using VPN

Perhaps you are trying to access country-specific apps like some video streaming apps or Amazon Prime. Try using a VPN and select the location where you have successfully accessed the app. Still, doesn’t work? Now it’s time to check the network connection.

Reset Network Settings and Change APN Protocol

Restarting your router is one thing, but resetting your connection is another. Be careful not to mess with the router, unless if you know how to fix it. Go to the router parameters and check if you have an iPv4 associated with your device. If it’s iPv6, sometimes, it’s also the culprit. Go to router Settings>Wi-Fi Settings. Find your smartphone and add a custom DHCP.

Note: Make sure that your system is up-to-date. Check if there are no new patches, especially those that address wireless connectivity issues. The above-mentioned procedures should work. But, if you’re connecting to school Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi some apps are blocked, hence, you won’t access them on Wi-Fi.

The Final Say

It’s not normal that apps not working on Wi-Fi but fine on mobile data. So, this article unravels all the reasons and troubleshooting steps to save you from this trouble. When you connect through school Wi-Fi or Home Wi-Fi, chances are some websites and apps are being blocked. Hence, no matter how many times you try, you’ll definitely not go through — unless you know of some dirty tricks.

If your device isn’t updated, it could also cause the problem. Furthermore, accessing country-specific apps outside the country where you get the account/subscription can also trigger the problem. Since everything has been discussed thoroughly, you shouldn’t have a similar problem in the future.


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