SOLVED! Xbox 360 Controller Not Showing Up In Device Manager

While many games on PC nowadays support console controllers, the process of connecting controllers to computers is not always smooth sailing. Many PC gamers have recently complained about their Xbox 360 controller not showing up in Device Manager. You also have a hard time getting your computer to recognize Xbox controllers? In that case, this article is for you. 

Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Show Up In Device Manager: Reasons


All in all, drivers play a key role in the interactions between computers and devices. As time passes by, drivers can become outdated, corrupted, etc. Also, malware, antivirus software and so on could interfere with the performance of drivers as well. Regardless, when drivers act up, quite a few problems from crashing apps to failure to detect devices would appear.

Cable And Port Issues 

If you use a USB cable to connect console controllers to your PC, you should take the cable into account if you run into problems. For most of the time, computers cannot detect devices such as Xbox 360 controllers if people use a damaged USB cable. Damaged cables equal less than ideal connection and Xbox 360 controllers not showing up in Device Manager is one of the consequences. Furthermore, it’s wise to give the USB port some thought too since malfunctioning ports could mess up device detection. 

A Few Fixes

Update Driver 

If the Xbox 360 controller is not showing up in Device Manager, there is a chance that the driver is having problems. On the bright side, you could deal with driver issues in many ways. The easiest way is to update the driver to its latest version at the earliest opportunity. To update the driver, please go through the steps down below.

  • Step 1: Press Windows + X then click Device Manager.
  • Step 2: Expand Xbox 360 peripherals, right-click Xbox 360 driver and pick Update Driver.
  • Step 3: Hit Search automatically for driver then restart your PC when the update completes.

Note: If you can update the driver via Device Manager, feel free to update it manually.


  • Step 1: Press Windows + X then click Device Manager.
  • Step 2: Expand Xbox 360 peripherals, right-click Xbox 360 driver and pick Update Driver.
  • Step 3: Choose Browse my computer for drivers, select Browse and navigate to the path: C:\Windows.old\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository
  • Step 4: Hit OK, pick Next and let the update run all the way.
  • Step 5: Restart your PC.

Uninstall And Reinstall All Drivers 

Today, Windows allows users to manage drivers effectively and efficiently. Hence, once it comes to Xbox 360 controller not showing up in Device Manager, don’t hesitate to uninstall and reinstall all drivers. That will let you get rid of errors that plague drivers on your PC. Still, for good measure, create a restore point so you can go back when a need arises. 

Update Windows 

  • Step 1: Go to start> Settings>Update & security
  • Step 2: Click on check for updates
  • Step 3: If an update is available, allow Windows to download and install it. 

Check Out Cable And Port

If you suspect that the cable is responsible for the issue, get a new cable. Get your hands on a capable replacement, use it to connect the controller to your PC and see how things turn out. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that the USB port can also get damaged. To cross out the port as a potential cause, switch USB port then determine whether your PC recognizes the controller. 

Add A Device (Settings)

If none of the above work, you should consider using Add a Device in Settings. 

  • Step 1: Open Start menu then click the gear icon to open Settings and select Devices
  • Step 2: Pick Bluetooth & other devices. 
  • Step 3: If your Xbox 360 controller is not listed, hit Add a device then follow the on-screen prompts to add it. Finally, restart the computer to effect the changes.

Do Wired Xbox 360 Controllers Work On PC?

Yes. If your controller is a wired model, all you have to do is plug it into a 2.0 USB port then wait as Windows downloads and installs drivers.

Can I Connect Xbox 360 Controller To My PC Via Bluetooth?

Standard wireless devices of Windows computers cannot support Xbox 360 wireless controllers by themselves. That means you need to get a Wireless Gaming Receiver if you want to use wireless Xbox 360 controllers on your computer.

Is It Possible To Use Xbox 360 Controllers Without Batteries?

Yes, the Xbox controller can work without batteries but you have to connect it to your PC. By drawing power from the PC, the controller can keep working in the absence of batteries.


  • Always keep your system and its drivers up-to-date.
  • Take a look at system requirements while browsing games 
  • Invest in purpose-design gaming gears for optimal experiences

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