SOLVED! - What you must know and consider before buying a tablet

Smart Tablets dev fills in the void between PCs, laptops, and smartphones in terms of size and portability. If you are a person who loves to browse things on the go, then tablets must be your clear choice as they are small and suitable to carry during travels for web browsing, social media browsing, MS office, gaming, and whatnot. Tablets can be your substitute for laptops and computers only if high-performance isn’t your first priority. Many people buy tablets to play games and to conduct everyday functions.

But, people do not look for detailed specifications and fail to make a rational buying decision. If you are investing in such a high-end device you must consider every important aspect before purchasing it. To help you make the right choice I have put up some important parameters that you should consider before buying a tablet or you might directly take a look at the recommended list of tablets to watch movies online.

Heaviness and Size

Tablets are designed for traveling purposes, and if you are carrying them in your hand all the time you don’t want your arm to feel the burden of that tablet. Thus, knowing the weight of the tablet before buying is important. The light the better! Although, having a lightweight tablet is your wish, don’t compromise on the durability. The dimension or size of the tablet is essential as it let you know whether or not it will fit perfectly in your hands or case. The ideal size for a tablet should be 7-inch as it can fit everywhere. So, look for tablets that offer sizes about 7-inch or more and weigh 8 pounds.

Screen Display

This is an important consideration if you use tablets for watching movies, full HD videos, and video calling. For all these functions screen display plays a vital role. Always look for a tablet that is movies and multimedia compatible offering full HD display resolution of at least 720p or 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, you can enjoy your movies in portrait or landscape mode with tear-free visuals.

Network and Connectivity

Tablets are just like smartphones. For you to enjoy online streaming or browsing connectivity of the internet is crucial. Look for the tablets that offer all connectivity options including Wi-Fi, wireless connection, Hotspot, and Cellular mode. Wi-Fi is the most useful mode due to its convenience and buffer-free streaming. But the question is what type of Wi-Fi does your tablet support? It should support at least a 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency band. In the case of cellular connectivity, look for networks 3G,4G, or 5G, these are the most desired networks in current times. So choose wisely.

Battery Life

Another important aspect you should consider before buying a tablet is its battery life. The average working life for a tablet is 8 hours minimum and a maximum of 10 hours or more depending upon the usage of gaming online streaming. If you are going to use a tablet for the entire day it must have a good battery backup. If you multitask on or play high-end games on your tablet it tends to drain the battery faster than you would expect. So, check the battery life of the tablet you go shopping for.

Software Compatibility

Tablets are more compatible in terms of operating systems(OS) than smartphones or laptops. With tablets, you can use iOS, Android OS, Amazon Fire OS, and Microsoft Windows. Ahead of software, you should consider the number of applications each Operating System offers. So, look for a tablet that offers good operating system options and maximum application availability. Make sure to read the specifications in the product description.


If you are in search of a wide variety of tablets with full-size USB ports, then get ready to be disappointed as there are very few tablets available that offer a good number of ports. Most tablets have mini-USB ports but do not include USB 2.0 ports which are needed for high-end devices. So, look for tablets that offer slots for board SD cards, a mini-USB port, and full-sized HDMI ports.


Depending upon the company, the processor might vary. The functionality of a processor largely depends on how the tablets are designed or licensed. Many processors show details like clock speed and core numbers, but that’s not it. You have to look for some additional details like chip design, performance, and battery life. If your processor is good all the other parameters will be good. So, just take an overview of the tablet processor you are going to buy.


This is the least important parameter in my opinion, but it’s necessary too. Although the tablet picture quality is not so great, avoid the tablets that offer less than 5MP because functions like video calling or shooting will be of the poorest quality.


If you consider all these parameters before buying a tablet, you will not face any difficulty later.  Choose wisely!

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