SOLVED! Auto-Populate Word Document From Excel

Do you use Microsoft Excel to collect and organize data? Would you like to edit and format the data using Microsoft Word? Are you looking for a way to automate the transfer of data from Word to Excel? In that case, this article could show you what must be done to auto-populate Word document from Excel.

Mail Merge: The Best Tool For The Job

To auto populate Word document from Excel, Windows users could use a number of features but regarding convenience, Mail Merge is second to none. Go through the steps down below to use  Mail Merge to your advantage. 

  • Step 1: Open the Excel file that contains the information you like to move to a Microsoft Word document. For the move to proceed smoothly, the data must begin at cell A1. Also, keep in mind that even if multiple sheets exist in your Excel file, you can only use one sheet to auto-populate a Microsoft Word document.
  • Step 2: Open the Word document that will be auto-populated and create a table that corresponds to the cells in your Excel file. Make sure that the titles of the table match those in your Excel file.
  • Step 3: Look to the Menu bar in Microsoft Word and select the Mailings tab.
  • Step 4: Under the Mailings tab, go to Start Mail Merge group and click Select Recipients.
  • Step 5: In the drop-down menu, pick Use an Existing List.
  • Step 6: A window titled Select Data Source will pop up. Navigate to your Excel file and choose it.
  • Step 7: If your Excel file features multiple sheets, select the one that you want to export information from.
  • Step 8: Check First row of data contains column headers and click OK.
  • Step 9: Place your cursor at the position where you would like the Merge Field to be then go to the Menu bar and select the Mailings tab.
  • Step 10: Head to the Write and Insert Field group, find Insert Merge Field and hit the downward-facing arrow next to it.
  • Step 11: In the drop-down menu, select the column title positioned in cell B1 in your Excel sheet.
  • Step 12: Repeat Steps 10 to 12 then select the column title positioned in cell C1 in your Excel sheet. Feel free to repeat the process as many times as necessary to auto-populate Word document from Excel.
  • Step 13: To view the result of your transfer, navigate to the Mailings tab and click Preview Results. That is going to reveal the details of your record in the Word document table.
  • Step 14: To view the rest of the records, look to the Mailing tab, under the Preview Results group and click the arrows to switch to the previous or later records.
  • Step 15: Save the Word document by going to the File tab and choosing Save As. If you save the document as a .docx file, you have to click Yes in the SQL command warning box that pops up every time you open the file.

What Are The Requirements For Mail Merge?

To make use of Mail Merge, it is necessary to prepare the data source, main document and the final combined document.

Why Is Mail Merge Important?

The mail merge feature can be used to create tables, letters, labels, name tags and envelopes using information sourced from databases or spreadsheets.

Where Is The Ribbon Located In Microsoft Word?

In MS Word, the Ribbon is also known as the Menu bar and it contains the commands that are necessary for completing tasks in formatting, editing and referencing among other procedures.

What Are The Main Functionalities Of MS Excel?

With MS Excel, we can create budgets, produce charts or graphs and sort data for storage.

How Do I Conduct Cell Referencing In MS Excel?

To reference a cell, combine its column letter and its row number for example in C1, the column letter is C and the row is 1.


  • Do you prefer typing in a specific font within MS Word? Set the font as the default via Format > Font > Default.
  • Use downloadable templates to help with mail merges. Connect your computer to the Internet then type merge in the search box to view a collection of downloadable mail merge templates. The templates should come in handy for creating labels, letters and custom documents.
  • To generate multiple blank rows or columns in a spreadsheet, highlight a number of pre-existing rows or columns, right-click and pick Insert.
  • After linking the data source, you may want to view how Word has matched up the data fields used in the mail merge procedure. To do so, click Match Fields in the Write & Insert Fields section of the Mailings tab
  • Organize and sort your information records in the desired order within your MS Excel worksheet or MS Access database before adding them to MS Word. That makes it possible for the data to appear as expected.

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