SOLVED! - YouTube repeatedly minimizing on Android

YouTube has been one of the most popular videos streaming apps since its advent. However, due to various reasons, YouTube repeatedly minimizing is common on some phones that utilize the Android operating system. This article explains the causes of the problem and how to solve it.

YouTube and its features


YouTube, with over 2 billion logged-in viewers every month, is the most popular video streaming app in the world. It is found on all types of operating systems, including iOS and Android. On the Android operating system, it is preinstalled along with other apps such as the Google Play Store, Chrome, Play Music, and others.

The app is known for its extremely fast speeds and lack of buffering when streaming videos. It also has videos that can help you solve almost any problem encountered. It has a very wide library ranging from news to sports or entertainment, even to the smallest trivial matters.

It also has many features that help to make the app easier and friendly to use. The interface of the app is also very glitch-free, and the controls are quite easy to understand. It combines a lot of features to give an excellent user experience. Examples of these features include:

Picture-in-picture mode: This is when a video being watched is moved into a small box on the bottom right corner of the phone. This mode can be enabled when trying to use other apps or use the multi-window option on the phone. It makes it quite easier to watch videos and perform other activities on the phone. It can be disabled on the ‘Settings’ option

Double-Tap option: When watching a video, you might want to skip the video forwards or backward to a particular point. You can just simply double-tap the screen to move the video backward or forwards by ten seconds. This is the default option that can be changed in the general settings option on YouTube. The options range from five to sixty seconds.

There are also the buttons at the bottom of the home page, which makes navigating the app quite easier. There’s the home button, which is the default page when the app is opened. On this page, videos that are similar to previous viewings are displayed. The stories for some channels are also displayed here.

The next button is the ‘explore’ button, which displays trending videos and had other categories such as gaming, music, or news. There are also other buttons like the subscription buttons where videos from channels subscribed to are shown.

YouTube repeatedly minimizing

Many android users (especially those in the Samsung community)have lodged complaints about their YouTube app, suddenly minimizing videos into the bottom right corner of the phone screen without touching any part of the phone screen. Even when the video is taken back to the full-screen mode, the video only plays for a few seconds and then minimizes again. There could be various reasons for this which include:

Glitches in the app: This could be because of an error in the programming of the app. It has nothing to do with the user or the device itself. It can be simply be solved by updating the app.

Phone screen faults: There could be a fault with the touch digitizer, which is leading to ‘phantom’ touches on the screen of the phone. This could be very annoying because it would even affect other apps.

Overworking the phone RAM: Basically, the RAM of the phone is very essential to how the phone can handle the activities done on it flawlessly. When there are too many apps installed on the phone, the RAM tends to be overworked, and some apps start malfunctioning.

Picture-in-picture mode: This mode is activated when the recent app button is pressed or when the multi-windows option is used. When the back button is pressed while watching a YouTube video, the video moves into a box at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Solutions to YouTube repeatedly minimizing

Below are a few ways to resolve the problem of the YouTube app, minimizing automatically:


The problem might be because my applications are using the memory spaces, and you need to uninstall the unnecessary ones. Perform this step based on your discretion


The app could be malfunctioning due to a bug in the version of the app. This can simply be solved by updating the app in Google Play Store. To do this:

  • Click on the Play Store on the apps menu
  • On the menu of Play Store, click on ‘My apps and games’
  • Search for YouTube and check if the update button is still highlighted.
  • If it is, then update the app, and the problem should be solved after this.


The picture-in-picture mode could also be another reason for the app minimizing on its own. To disable it:

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option in the notification bar
  • Click on ‘Apps and notifications’ then click on the advanced menu
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Special App Access’ option
  • Click on Picture-in-picture mode and disable it.


Cache has been responsible for many problems seen on android and you might reduce or solve the problem by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings> Application > Youtube
  • Click on Storage
  • Click on Clear cache and data
  • Restart your device

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