Package Installer Keeps Stopping

Android is a great platform wherein you can create apps and install them on your mobile phone. Likewise, you can also search for apps available in the Play store or you can find any .apk file and install it on your phone. While installing new apps is a breeze in most cases, sometimes, the package installer keeps stopping. This is the problem that will be tackled and solved in this article.

Actually, this isn’t a unique Android mobile issue and it’s not happening for the first time. This has been encountered and re-encountered ever since Android Kitkat 4.4.4. If you’ve checked some popular Android forums and communities you can tell that this has been a problem even before — which has solutions.

Why is the Package Installer Keeps Stopping?

There are a few reasons why you’ll encounter this message: ‘package installer keeps stopping’ or ‘package installer has stopped.’ If you are installing or deleting an app and you have this notification, probably your default package installer isn’t working properly. Or, it could be that your storage isn’t sufficient to have a new app installed.

If you are trying to install your newly created app on your Android mobile and you encountered this problem, then, it’s not an issue of the package installer you have or the storage. The most common reason for this issue is the icon of the app you make.

Check out the next few sections to determine the ultimate solution to this problem. As you know, Android is ever-evolving and ever-changing. That’s why, we don’t usually give just one solution — but, a lot of them. One of the workarounds below should work, otherwise, you need to get technical assistance from your phone’s manufacturer.

Solution for Package Installer Keeps Stopping

There’s not just one reason why you encounter this issue. But, to make sure you don’t do drastic measures unthinkably, we start from the most common workarounds first.

Clear Cache/Clear Data of the App

Not just for this issue, but if you encounter problems like the app won’t start or it keeps on crashing, the problem could be that your app is suffering from too much data. Clearing the data of a particular app will make the phone run faster. However, doing so will erase all your application’s data, including files, accounts, settings, etc.

If you are installing an app from Google Play Store and you are hindered with this problem, start by clearing the cache/data of the Play Store app. To do this, simply your phone’s Settings>Apps>Google Play Store. Tap on it and then, go to Storage>Clear Data and Clear Cache. You can also force the app to stop by hitting the Force Stop button. If Play Store is the one with the problem, your installation will surely push through after following the above-mentioned steps.

Clear Cache/Clear Data of the Package Installer

For some smartphones, you can find Package Installer app. You can go to your phone’s Setting>Application>Application Manager>More>Show system apps>Package Installer. Tap on the Package Installer app>Storage. From there, you can find Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons. Tap on these buttons to clear data and clear the cache of the app respectively.

Install an APK Installer from Play Store

If clearing the cache and data of your Package Installer didn’t rid you of the problem on Package installer keeps stopping, then, there is a problem with the version of your default app. Open your Play Store app, then, check on APK Installer. Download the one you think is great, then, install.

Once you have the new APK Installer in your phone, try to install or uninstall the app you have been trying to work with before you are annoyed with the error. If the problem is on the version of the Package installer, you should be able to install/uninstall any app successfully.

Restart Your Phone

Some of your changes may take effect after you restart your handset. So, why don’t you make a quick restart of your phone? If your phone still displays the same error even after refreshing it, then, it’s time to take some desperate measures.

Factory Reset

Refreshing your phone to factory defaults will help undo the things that you have done and will help solve some of Android mobile’s annoying problems. However, do remember that when you do a factory reset, it’ll wipe out your data forever, so you might want to do a backup before jumping to do so.

Once you have backed up your entire data, you can easily restore them after reset. Go to Settings>Factory Reset. It should somehow solve this problem and enables your phone to perform better.

Change Icon Size

For those who are not trying to install any third-party .apk file, but rather installing their very own app, some workarounds above may work. However, in most cases, the problem is on the icon size of the .apk file.

If you make your app, you should comply with Google’s recommended icon dimensions of 192px x 192px. Apart from that, the maximum allowable size for an app icon is somewhere 937kB and 950kB. You might need to do a bit of experimentation when it comes to
1your app icon. But, rest assured, if you are certain about how you build your app, then, it surely is a problem of your app icon size.

The Final Say

Package Installer keeps stopping issue isn’t unique just for you — it has already existed even with Android Kitkat. And, the good news is, it has tons of established solutions. One solution may work for one Android mobile, but not for all. So, we compiled a few more solutions for you.

Before taking desperate measures, you need to troubleshoot the problem. And, one way is to clear the data of the Play Store app or the Package Installer app itself. Restarting your phone may help solve this problem, too. Yet, if you still encounter this annoying problem, the ultimate solution to this problem is to do a phone reset.

Remember, the package installer keeps stopping issue just pertains to a particular app on your phone — and in no way, it will make your phone inoperable. Just try the solutions we laid out here and you’ll surely get rid of this problem forever.

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