GroupMe Notifications Not Working

GroupMe notifications not working is an issue that could be caused by many issues and the best fix is to secure a stable Wi-Fi network. Also, you may want to turn on notifications in the phone settings, disable battery optimization, switch off DND (Do Not Disturb), disable data saver and so on. New to Android and don’t know how to get around? Then this article is for you.

Why GroupMe Notifications not Working and How to Solve It?

There could be tons of reasons why GroupMe notifications not working. It could be GroupMe itself, your phone’s settings, or the internet connection. Yet, these can be fixed easily without any technical knowledge needed. There are just simple troubleshooting methods that even the common people can easily follow through.

On the Internet Connection

If your device isn’t a connection, of course, you won’t be receiving GroupMe notifications. Since the app uses an internet connection, make sure that you have a good internet connection. Check if you have a Wi-Fi connection. Or, if you are using mobile data, see if you have a strong cellular signal and available data allocation. If the problem persists after ensuring a strong internet connection, proceed to check the app and the Settings on your device.

On GroupMe App

Notifications are Turned Off

The very first thing you can do is open the app and go to Settings>Notifications. Now see if the notifications for your chats are turned on. If they are turned on, you should get notifications. If they are off, simply toggle it on to activate GroupMe notifications.

Muted Chats

If the problem is on a specific contact or group chats, perhaps you have muted that particular group. In this case, go to the specific chat and tap the chat avatar (on top of your chat). Then, tap on Settings. Check if the Mute option is turned on. If it’s turned on, then, you won’t receive any alerts for that particular chat group. Turning it off will solve the problem.

App Not Updated on Mobile

If you have been receiving notifications from your GroupMe chats and then all of a sudden it just becomes silent, perhaps you are using an outdated app. For Android, go to Google Play>My Games & Apps>GroupMe. If you can find the Update button, tap it, and then, you’ll get the latest version of the app.

Remember, these procedures may differ depending on where you access GroupMe. Yet, these are the usual culprits if GroupMe notifications won’t work. Check out the Microsoft support page to learn more.

On Phone’s Settings

You might not know it, but the phone’s Settings is very important. You can solve a lot of issues by just making a few changes in your settings.

Check Notifications Settings

Go to Settings>Apps & Notifications. Look for the GroupMe app, then go to Notifications. Allow Notifications options should be enabled. Likewise, you can also find the option to display notifications on the lock screen. This will allow you to see GroupMe notifications on your lock screen.

Battery Optimizations

Notifications and background activities will eat up your battery. So, Android users will enable battery saving mode to extend battery life. Somehow, this will also limit other activities, especially notifications. You can turn off Battery Optimization or you can disable optimization for GroupMe. Go to Settings>Apps & Notifications> GroupMe> Advanced>Battery>Battery Optimization. This path differs per device, but you should get the gist.

Do Not Disturb Mode

When Do Not Disturb mode is activated, no notifications will be displayed unless you make exemptions. Or better yet, turn it off to get updates with your GroupMe chats. Go to Settings>Sounds (Notifications)>Do Not Disturb mode. Or, you can make a quick search then, make sure it’s turned off.

Data Saver Turned On

We don’t want to pay for data overage, so most Android users activate Data Saver and/or disable Background Data. These options won’t allow updates/notifications for your GroupMe unless you use it. Hence, you won’t be alerted for new messages except when you open the app.

To make exceptions, go to Settings>Apps>GroupMe. Tap the app and then, Data Usage>Background Data (turn it on). If it’s already activated, you can try checking the Data Saver setting. Go to Settings>Network & Internet>Data Usage>Data Saver. If you want the Data Saver to be activated, make sure GroupMe gets exempted. You’ll get notifications for this app even when you are saving on your data usage.

The Final Say

Some app-specific problems can be solved by just restarting the device or uninstalling/reinstalling that app. However, there are also instances that you need to try different solutions because the root cause is hard to pinpoint. For example, with the GroupMe notifications not working, you need to check the internet connection, the app itself, and the phone settings.

We made this article just to help you do away with this problem forever. We check every possible reason why it happens and the solutions to each. One of the solutions should work for you. Likewise, reach us out through the comment section below if you need further assistance.