getGoogleAppId Failed with Status: 10

Even though Android app development is easy and free, sometimes you bump into some trouble if you want to access the Google License server. The error you’ll encounter will be getGoogleAppId failed with status: 10. It’s not a show-stopping error, but rather a warning.

Things can still run smoothly even with this caution. Nonetheless, if you want to get rid of this warning, might as well make sure that everything is working properly. So, lets understanding this to get a solid solution.

What is this Warning and Why Are You Getting This?

You’ll run into this problem because of two reasons. One, you are running a licensed app on an unlicensed device. Two, you’re developing a paid app from a device with a “paid for” Google License. Since, it’s all about Google License, if you don’t the right credentials and/or if the license check fails, you’ll get this error:

On another note, this warning was also very common before, when Google developers need to communicate or use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). The GCM has been depreciated in 2018 and all its client APIs were removed in 2019. If you are still using and trying to call these APIs, your application will surely fail. Instead, you need to migrate all GCM apps to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). It’s more reliable and feature-packed.

But, if you still encounter this problem even if you don’t use GCM anymore, chances are, you need to check the .json file. Especially if you need to access Google Drive or Google Analytics, you must have an updated google-services.json file. Again, this warning seems to be very minor as your app may still run smoothly, but it’s good to get rid of it forever.

Quick Fix

Now that you know the crucial information about getGoogleAppId Failed with Status 10, it’s time to remove this error from the equation. The following ways will help you vanish this warning forever.

Check and Update the google-services.json file

What is a .json file? JSON contains all developer credentials and configuration settings. This is important so you can successfully connect with GoogleAPIClient. It’s not a critical part of running your app, but it’s a quick start helper so it’s easier to communicate and integrate with specific Google API features. This means, even if you delete the .json file, everything will work just fine, but you only get the warning:

getGoogleAppId Failed with Status 10

Refreshing your .json file, thereby, updating it will get rid of this warning. If you delete it, try to install and configure a new google-services.json file. You’ll be surprised that the error message/s will disappear in an instant.

Likewise, if you don’t want to mess with the actual file, there are steps to follow to successfully get the latest .json file.

On Firebase Console in Android App

As soon as you create a new Firebase project, you should get the google-services.json. But, if you have this warning message, this means, you need to check the .json file. Select the project you are working on and go to Project Settings.

Check Your apps card and select the package name of the project you need to download the additional file. You can see google-services.json with a download icon. Click on it and you should get the working .json file.

Otherwise, you will need to register your app first and after which, you’ll be able to download the .json file. Make sure that the config file is on the app-level directory of your app.

On Firebase Console on Web

In the Firebase console, select a project and go to Project Settings. Then, in the Your apps card, choose the project you need the updated .json file. Select Config from the Firebase SDK snippet pane. Now, copy the snippet of the config object and paste it into your app’s HTML.

The Final Say

The warning message getGoogleAppId failed with status: 10 error message is just a warning notification. You’ll only encounter this warning when your app tries to access Google License server. No warning message will display if you can successfully connect to GoogleAPIClient. Otherwise, you know that the problem is on the google-services.json file.

This file stores all the credentials you need to successfully communicate with Google APIs. Although it’s not critical in the runtime process, it affects the build process of your app. Hence, even if you delete this file, your app will work just as fine. Yet, to be able to build and run your app without any problem, you need to have the latest version of the .json file.

Download and configure the new and updated .json file to get no warning notices in your logs. The steps are explained above. So, there shouldn’t be a problem replacing your existing .json file with the updated one. With this quick fix, you’ll get rid of this warning message forever.

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