SOLVED! What To Check After Dropping Phone – Inside Damage

What to check after dropping phone is a topic that catches the interest of quite a few Android users around the globe. While today’s phones receive many kinds of protections, drops from height could still lead to internal damage. Even if the devices look ok at a glance, internal damage would result in various hassles down the line. Read to the end and learn what must be done in the event of your phone being dropped by mistake.

Things To Check After Dropping Your Phone

Below are the things to check if you have mistakenly dropped your phone.

  • Item 1: Check that the screen is not cracked.

  • Item 2: Ensure that the touch screen is working.
  • Item 3: Try all the buttons to see if they work. These buttons comprise volume, home, and power.
  • Item 4: Check that the speaker is not damaged from the fall. Play audio to check this or call anyone on your contact list.
  • Item 5: Check if the camera works properly. To do this, try taking a photo or record a video.

What To Do If Your Phone screen Goes Black After A Fall

If the screen of your phone goes black after dropping it. Try any of the solutions below.

  • Solution 1: Charge the phone for 30 minutes and restart it.
  • Solution 2: Remove the battery and try to power the phone on.
  • Solution 3: Enter recovery mode.
  • Solution 4: Perform a hard reset.

If all the solutions above don’t work. The AMOLED screen is probably damaged. Visit a phone expert for a replacement.

How To Avoid Dropping Your Phone

Do you always drop your phone? Below are the ways to reduce such occurrences.

  • Avoid using your phone with one hand.
  • Hold nothing in the hand holding the phone.
  • Avoid storing the phone in your back pocket.
  • Keep your phone away from animals or children.
  • Children should use the phone only with an adult around to supervise.
  • If the phone is in your back pocket. Always make sure you take it out before sitting down.
  • Always place your phone on a solid surface and not on edges.
  • Put the phone back in a secure place after every call.
  • Try not to be distracted when using your phone. This is to prevent accidental drops.
  • Charge the phone in a safe and secure spot.
  • Don’t place the phone on your lap when sitting down.
  • When not in use, keep your phone in a secure place.
  • Don’t use your phone while you are on the toilet.

  • Where you are exercising, use a strap to hold the phone.
  • Don’t store your phone in pockets that are too small.
  • Protect the outside of your phone with a durable case that has a grip. To ensure the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand.
  • Use a shockproof case to protect your phone.

By following all the steps above. You can reduce the rate at which your phone drops.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Phone

If you notice one or more of these signs below. You may need to plan on purchasing a new phone.

  • Vertical lines flickering across the screen.
  • The touch screen is too slow and takes time to respond.
  • The power button is no longer functioning.
  • The phone shuts down by itself.
  • An unstable operating system.
  • Apps on your device are constantly crashing.
  • Your phone overheats even when not in use.
  • A bulging battery. Replace the battery if it is removable. If it is not, you are on the way to getting a new phone.
  • Your phone is slow.
  • If your screen is cracked.
  • Photos taken with your phone lacks quality.
  • The camera takes a long time to capture a photo.
  • Low battery life. If the battery can be replaced, please do so.
  • Low storage space alerts.
  • Your phone is outdated and lacking updates.
  • New apps installed on your device are refusing to run.
  • You can’t find accessories for your device any longer.
  • You cannot download a new upgrade.
  • Important apps don’t work on your phone.
  • Your phone suffers from persisting issues.
  • If your phone offers only a 3G network.
  • If the receivers of your calls can’t hear you properly.
  • Headphone jack not working. This component can be replaced if you want to.
  • Your phone has been damaged or dropped repeatedly.


No phone will last forever. However, you need to take precautions to increase the lifespan of your phone. A sure way to decrease the lifespan of your phone is frequent dropping. If you are the clumsy type, make sure you take these guidelines seriously.

Any time your phone drops, try to check for any physical damage. However, if you notice any serious issue that can’t be fixed. Plan towards getting a new phone as a replacement.