SOLVED! Android Setup Keeps Stopping

If Android setup keeps stopping, there must be a bug in the system and you have no choice but to wipe the data in recovery mode. Other solutions include clearing cache, disabling system setup and so on. Read to the end of this article to get the most out of your device.

Android Setup Keeps Stopping After Factory Reset

As mentioned, the error isn’t only encountered upon initial setup of the new device. It has also resurfaced after some time. The former seems threatening as you need to do something or else you can’t get into the home screen. The latter, on the other hand, is even more infuriating because it pops up again in a second, you can hardly navigate through.

Error Upon First Setup

When you get a brand-new phone, you need to set it up. Again, the process is simple, tap some buttons, select your preferences, and just follow instructions. However, if you are greeted with an error instead of a welcome message, you might want to try the following procedure.

When you encounter ‘Android Setup keeps stopping’ with only an X button to close the app upon checking updates, you can do a force reset. Switch the phone off and once it’s completely shut down, press the shortcut combo to access the recovery mode. Depending on your phone, the most common combo is Volume Up + Volume Down + Power. Press these buttons simultaneously until you get into recovery mode.


Different options can be seen on the screen. Use the Volume keys to navigate through and select Recovery>Wipe Data. Press the Power button to confirm the action. It takes a while to finish; restart the phone after. This should keep you going, at least to the home screen.

Clear Cache on Android Setup

After the hard reset, some users reported that somehow it works, but the error keeps bothering them after. What you can do is clear the cache and data of the Android Setup program.

Go to Settings>Apps>Manage Apps. Hit the three-dot vertical menu to pull out additional settings. Tap on Reset Preferences and confirm the action. Now, go to the three-dot vertical menu again and this time hit the Show System Apps. (If you can see Hide Apps in the option, that means the apps are already displayed.)

Find Android Setup in the list and select it. Go to Storage>Clear Cache. Tap on it to delete all cache files. If you have more than one Android Setup, do this for all. You can also Clear Data altogether to start anew.

Force Stop/Disable System Setup

For some, clearing the cache didn’t work. Instead, they disable the Android Setup completely. When the error prompts, some phone models display App Info along with the Close App option. Tap on the App Info and then, tap Disable. This will cease all activities related to the app.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings>Apps>Show System Apps>Android Setup. You can tap on the app and you can find the Force Stop and Disable options. Though system apps can be disabled, sometimes it makes the phone unstable. So, dig a bit before taking this action.

Get the Most Stable Software

When it comes to system updates, it’s important to give attention to them as they may sometimes solve the problem. Get your hands to the support page of your phone to be able to get more information about the latest update. If you have the latest OS, you can also check whether patches have been deployed to address this issue.

On the flip side, some updates also cause instability in the system. You must know your operating system to be able to get rid of this problem. Check whether you need to update or downgrade your software to the most stable version – and you’ll shoo away this issue and more, altogether.

The Final Say

Any Android user may have encountered ‘Android Setup keeps stopping’  on S8 error in one way or another. Some find it worst because they have it the moment they got their new phone. However, a hard reset will definitely solve the problem and allow you to land on the home screen. Further processes can be done once you have successfully set up your phone or if you can access the home screen already.

Ensure that you have a reliable operating system because it’s critical for the performance of your phone. Some handy tips and proven workarounds are also provided in this article. Leave a comment for the one that works for you.

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