SOLVED! Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings

Among discussions between MaxxAudio Pro users, Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings come up every now and then. While MaxxAudio Pro is a solid program, different settings should deliver different results. New to Waves Maxxaudio Pro and need assistance to set it up? Then this article is exactly what you need.

Waves Maxxaudio Pro and its features

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There’s really no need for an introduction for Waves Maxxaudio Pro. However, for the sake of those that are newbies to the world of PCs, Waves Maxxaudio is an app that comes with Dell systems ONLY and allows users to edit and personalize their sound quality and settings.

With the app, you can edit different features such as the playback device, submerged audio, and many others.

If you’re a user who isn’t really disturbed about the production of sounds from your PC, then you do not really need utilizing the Waves Maxxaudio Pro, but if you want more from your awesome adjustments to the sounds produced by your Dell system, then these are the things to know about the Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings:

  • The app is always active, so it can always be found in the active tasks menu. Just open the meant and click on the app to open it.
  • Even though this article will give a very good way to set up your Waves Maxxaudio Pro, it is still advisable to try out new features to know what works out best for you.
  • Now, after opening the application, the opening page will lead to the control panel where you’ll find some features such as MaxxEQ, MaxxBass, and so on.
  • After setting up to the app to your preferred choice, you can save the settings, and whenever you want to use the same settings again, just click on “Load Preset” instead of doing it all over again.
  • It should also be noted that the sound produced is the default playback device used. A playback device is a piece of equipment through which your laptop plays the sound (headphones, speakers, etc.). Therefore, to enjoy whatever settings you might have, it is advisable to get quality sound systems or headphones.

Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings

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After opening the application, click on the speaker/headphones option. This will lead you to the control panel that edits the kind of sound that is produced by the playback device. You’ll find many options in there such as the MaxxExciter, MaxxBass, MaxxStereo, and so on. Check the box for every option there except MaxxLeveler, MaxxNR, Maxxvolume, and Noise Rider.

The MaxxLeveler and Maxxvolume are the major causes of sound distortion, which makes your speaker sound quite unpleasant and makes a high level of bass quite unbearable while playing low notes. It is, therefore, advisable to keep these two unticked.

After checking the boxes, you then adjust the bars for each option. Increase the bar for the MaxxBass to maximum, the Maxxtreble to just 1/11 of the bar, the MaxxStereo, and MaxxDialog should be half of the bar. With all this done, the settings for the control panel is finished. Just save up the settings and add a name of choice for identification.

Then move on to the equalizer settings, which is responsible for the production of sounds at different frequencies and also helps to reduce the degree of sound rumbling in the speakers.

Set the equalizer as follows:

For the 31Hz bar, set it at -3dB, the 63Hz, and 125Hz at 1dB, the 250Hz bar at -1dB, then the 16k Hz bar at 3dB. That’s all for the equalizer settings. Save it and add a name of choice.

The last setting is the default speaker setup. Just click on this and pick the highest quality available, which is the 24Bits, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) option. With this, the settings for the Wave Maxxaudio Pro is done.

Another feature that can help to further increase the quality of sound production from your PC is the Realtek Sound Card. However, this feature is not available on all systems, so it is an added advantage when your system has this feature. To set up the Realtek Sound Card:

  •  After opening the Realtek Sound Card, click on enhancements, then tick the boxes for Equalizer, Virtual Surround, and Loudness Equalization. When the Equalizer box is ticked, then another tab will be opened that will look like the one from the control panel of Waves Maxxaudio Pro. Select the preset data named ‘Powerful’ then reduce the 4k Hz bar to the minimum.
  • This will optimize the sound quality so that the average and high ranges blend in well with the bass. This will further reduce sound distortion.
  • Switch on full range speakers – Check the box beneath Full range speakers. Then click on playback devices and tick the box for the speakers that have a green tick(this represents the speakers your laptop is currently connected to). Click ‘Next,’ then configure the speakers by clicking on the left, right, and front. Then click ‘Finish.’
  • This will increase the volume of your speakers and allow them to optimize as much of the surface area as possible to produce sound.
  • Another feature that can further enhance sound is the ‘Stereo Mix.’ After enabling this feature, it will help to blend the sounds produced by the laptop and also optimize the bass response.
  • After enabling the Stereo Mix, right-click on it and then select the Properties option. Click on the Listen tab and click on Listen through Default Playback Devices. After this, save the changes and select ok.
  • The stereo mix option will then appear in the main tab of the control panel of Dell audio. However, do not increase the bar and just leave it at it’s minimum as increasing will leave a rumbling noise in the background whenever playing any sound.

With this, all the work required to get the Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings are done, just sit back and enjoy an awesome new sound experience. Even though this has been mentioned earlier, it is worthy of mentioning again that the sound produced is only as good as the device used.