SOLVED! No mobile service currently turned off by your carrier

With a mobile connection. We can make calls, surf the internet, and do other things while connected to service from our carriers. However, it is common for many android users to come across the problem. No mobile service currently turned off by your carrier. This article talks about the causes and the solution.

No mobile service currently turned off by your carrier: Causes

How To Fix "Mobile Network Not Available" error Android

This error is common among android users in which there is no network present on the device. The causes might be due to mainly two things which are:

  • The device: there can be errors and bugs based on the device software. It can also be based on the device hardware
  • The Internet service provider: your internet service provider might be up to some upgrading due to their discretion, which might make service not to be available. Normally, before embarking on such an update or upgrade, the internet service provider always informs the users.

No mobile service currently turned off by your carrier: Solution

How To Fix "Mobile Network Not Available" error Android - YouTube

The solution will be taken care of in steps, based on the two categories earlier talked about. Before then, there are general troubleshooting methods which will first be discussed before anything

Compare Other Phones

This is the right method to think of if the problem is caused by the internet service provider. You can check if the mobile service on the other phones or devices using a network in your surroundings.

If the same error is seen on the other device, it means it is a general problem, and you must wait for your Internet service provider to find the necessary solution.

You can also check around if the area is the cause of the problem. Check whether you are in a poorly covered area, which causes a disconnection from the network because of a lack of signal.

However, if it is not, that means you must try the method listed below

Turn on and off the Airplane Mode

This method might bring back the network. There are many ways to do this, and two ways will be explained here

Way 1

  • Pull down the status bar
  • Depending on the arrangement of the icon on the status bar you should locate the Airplane icon
  • Switch it on and off
  • Check whether the network has been restored

Way 2

This way depends on the android version you are using. It is currently based on android pie (9)

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Network & Internet
  • Scroll down and switch on the Airplane mode
  • Wait for some seconds and switch off the airplane mode
  • Check whether the network has been restored

Restart Your Device

This is a general troubleshooting method. Simply restart your device. If this method does not work, you can try the other methods explained down the line

Check the Sim Card

It is also one of the first methods you have to try because the problem might be caused by an error in the sim card on your phone. The error can be based on two things, one is that there is an error with the placing of the sims, or the sim itself has been destroyed.

To solve the problem, check the position of the sim card in the sim card slot. If the problem persists, it might be that it is due to the sim card itself. Remove the sim card and check the body for any physical damage, if there is, you must change it. You can also test by inserting other sims and checking whether the error is still there.

Check the Network Mode

Make sure that your device is using the right network mode. If the network in the device surrounding is all 3G, the error will pop up as if the device is using a 4G network—the same goes for all other network modes.

Depending on your android version, based on Android Pie, you might change it by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet
  • Select Network
  • Choose the preferred network mode according to the surrounding

Your android device will start searching for a network, if this method works, the mobile service will come back. If it does not, you can try any of the other methods already listed in the article

Check whether Roaming is off

You should off Roaming by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet
  • Select Network
  • Switch off Roaming

Reset Network Settings

If all the methods explained above does not work in the removal of the problem, the next thing you should do is to reset the device’s network settings. To reset your network settings, follow these step

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down to System
  • Select Reset
  • Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth

Perform a Factory reset

If you think the error is based on the running android process and not the hardware, and because all the methods discussed above did not work, you should perform a factory reset. Performing a factory reset should be the last thing you will think of because it removes all the applications, accounts, and other settings you have implemented on your device.

Based on Google FRP, it is important that you note how to factory reset your device

Perfuming a factory reset depends on the age of your device. Old devices need several steps, while new devices are straight forward.
When you want to disable the FRP in new devices, it is advised to perform the factory reset using the Settings. The factory reset on Settings depends on the Android version. For Android Pie, navigate to Settings > System > Reset Options > Factory data reset. If this is done, there is no need for error in new devices

For old devices, you must delete all the accounts present on your device manually. These are the steps that you must take to ensure that FRP is not triggered.

  • You must navigate to settings and remove the security that is present on your phone (although it might not be needed, it might be required for some other phones).
  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts to remove all the Google accounts that are under Accounts. Make sure you remove all the accounts there.
  • You can then perform the factory reset.

If you have not logged in your google mail on the Android device you are trying to factory reset, do not perform a factory reset through the bootloader.



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