Step by Step Guides on How to Disable Hyperlink in Text Message on Android?

Hyperlinks on android are essential, however, based on the nature of people, some look for how to disable hyperlink in text message on android. For you to understand the problem, this article deal with what hyperlink is all about.


Hyperlinks are a default part of the android operating system. They help in the linking of text and images, which are in the form of emails, numbers, and days names with their respective applications.

Emails addresses are linked with the respective email app (generally Gmail), numbers are automatically linked to the phone dialer while days and other events are related to the Calendar.

Hyperlinks are very necessary, and according to their name, they can be used in linking events on the webs. The links activated can direct to other applications depending on their properties.

Hyperlinks are not only common to the android operating system, but it can also be seen in windows when using Microsoft word, Mac and iOS under the same condition as the android devices

Although many people are annoyed by their presence, they are of outstanding help to the majority of people. The way some people are complaining about it, some people are intrigued by its presence. However, they can be a massive pain in the ass when you are someone whose business revolves around copying kinds of stuff.

Any information as regarded emails and number are effectively given the blue link, and on further clicking them, it leads you either to a Gmail or the inbuilt android dialer. These actions make many people ask questions such as:

  • How to disable auto hyperlinks in Calendar
  • How to remove Samsung blue link
  • How to remove or turn off hyperlinks


While it is effortless to remove hyperlinks in operating systems like Windows and Mac, it becomes a pain on android because a single touch can trigger information been passed into the wrong site.

This problem (how to disable hyperlink in text message on android) becomes a bother, and currently, there is no general method to remove the hyperlink option. Although many people have been able to work with several methods that can be regarded as solutions.

These methods used depends on how well the user knows about the use of the operating system and have been analyzed in this article

The solution will be based on the many applications that hyperlinks are expected to pop up and the way to combat them.


The messaging app of the android operating system has been programmed to optimize hyperlinks efficiently.

When emails are sent or typed, it recognizes it as links and directs the users to the Gmail application generally (although there are many other options), when numbers are sent or typed in between letters, the blue line is seen, and links are directed to the site depicted

To remove the hyperlink in a link sent, follow these steps:

  • Copy the link and paste on the text bar
  • Add a full stop at the beginning and end of the text
  • Send the text

You will note that the text is no longer displayed as a link to a site, just like a normal link.

Therefore if you are trying something like, add the link should be rendered unchangeable

If this does not work, you can follow another method, although it depends on the android device being used. Follow these steps

  • Open your Message application
  • GO to Settings
  • Go to more settings
  • Select disable show all Previews

These steps can change according to the mobile device, and if it does not work, it then comes to the last method


If the above methods could not bring about the removal of the hyperlink, you can improvise yourself.

This method shows that means that when needed, you can simply copy part of the test in a way unique to you.

This is due to the fact that the tap to edit action is conflicting with the tapping a link. Therefore, they do not support you to tap and edit since they favor more of tap to link.

There are many things you can do, such as:

  • You can copy the whole text out and edit in another application and operating system
  • You can use applications that support extra and separate buttons to edit your kinds of stuff and toggle on link detection.



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