SOLVED! How to Move Photos in Gallery Android

Many users have asked questions bordering around how to move photos in Gallery Android. Questions like this often stem from the need to keep things organized in their media gallery. Many people love their videos to be in one folder, vacation photos in another, family photos in another, etc. Doing these make sense as you can easily navigate to the folder you want if you ever need any of your photos. You will not have to start looking for a single photo out of the proverbial “haystack,” which is a thousand photos on your device. In other cases, one may need to know how to move photos in Gallery if it happens that some photos are not displaying. Therefore, the question of how to move photos in Gallery android is quite a simple one. Continue reading as we discuss various fixes for these problems.

What is Android Gallery?

The Gallery app is simply a tool to view, organize, and manage images and videos on your Android device. Some devices, for instance, have their own dedicated gallery apps such as OnePlus Gallery, Samsung Gallery, to mention a few. Third-party Gallery can also be installed from Playstore. Although each gallery app offers unique features, the inherent function remains the same. They all differ slightly by the user interface and customization settings.


Google Photos – An Alternative to Android Gallery

From the moment you are setting it up, you will notice that of the many apps, your phone comes with more than one gallery app for photos. Usually, it comes with the Google Photos app as well as a default gallery app. You must be wondering why, especially since another gallery app is preinstalled. Also, you must be wondering if there are any differences between the two apps. Well, there are, and for better understanding, the following are some of the differences between Google Photos and Gallery Apps on Android;
Google Photos is a more traditional, in-depth image hosting and synchronization service that makes images available across platforms. It is also an image-sharing tool that makes it easy to share photos with other Android users. Apart from that, Google photos come with one of the most detailed photo editors, which helps you edit photos, add animations, and so on.

Why are photos not showing on my Gallery?

If you are seeking answers to how to move photos in Gallery, it makes sense to understand the root cause, that is, if your reason is not to keep your photos organized. If the reason is that photos are not showing in Gallery, then here are some reasons.

  • Low storage space
  • Cache is full
  • Corruption in your SD card
  • Issues with your phone

All of these problems have obvious fixes such as deleting old files and duplicate files to free up memory space or simply expanding the memory or fixing the issue with your phone. These steps should fix things for you immediately, and you will no longer worry about how to move photos in Gallery Android.

On the other hand, if the reason you are looking for how to move photos in Gallery Android is so that you can keep your photos organized, then the steps to do that are highlighted below;

STEP 1: Open “File Manager” and if your Android device does not have a file manager, you can download a third-party app like ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.
STEP 2: In File Explorer, go to the folder where the photos you want to move are saved. To check the folder, open your Gallery. Then, press and hold the image you would like to move. Tap the three vertical dots at the top of the screen and click on “Details” or “Properties.” You will find the storage path in the details.
STEP 3: Once you open the folder where the photo is saved, press, and hold the image files.
STEP 4: Somewhere on the screen, you will see a scissors icon, which means “CUT.” In some other devices, you may have to tap on three vertical dots where you can tap on “Cut.”
STEP 5: Once you click on “Cut,” navigate to the destination folder where you will like to save the image. You can also create a new folder.
STEP 6: When you’re in the new folder, click on “Paste.” Your images will be in the new folder and will automatically be rearranged in Gallery.

Wrapping up

There you have it on how to move photos in Gallery. Once you know where each of your photos is saved in your device’s memory storage, it becomes easier to move them and arrange them in the right order. Tell us if these methods worked in the comments section and if you know another method, kindly leave a comment too!