SOLVED! Youtube Cast Button Missing/ Not Showing

Once it comes to YouTube Cast button missing/not showing, a number of possibilities exist: less than ideal connection, casting application error, etc. About fixes, you should disconnect from the network and reconnect to it, force stop the application, download and install app updates and restart your device. Spare some time to take a look at this article and optimize your casting experience.

YouTube no cast Button: Screen Casting on Android

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Smartphone users enjoy quite a lot based on technology, and due to the open sourced system of the Android operating system, they enjoy the use better. Android users especially can link up their devices to their televisions and computers and play games and videos at any point in time.

Screencasting is used majorly with entertainment applications such as Netflix and YouTube. To screencast on your screencast-enabled device, you must follow these steps:

  • Check whether the app you want to use while screencasting is capable of utilizing the feature. Common applications that can be used are Play Movies & TV, YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Properly check whether the HDMI input is correctly set. The casting must be active.
  • Tap the Chromecast icon. If you do not see the icon you must return to the above steps checking the requirement, the HDMI input, and the casting dongle
  • Select the device that you want to use for screencasting.

While screencasting is good when used on YouTube, Netflix, and the making presentations, it uses has been associated with many problems. Such as YouTube no coast Button this device.

YouTube no cast Button

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This problem can be seen depending on the application used in casting on your other device. Most users experience it with only the YouTube application, while others experience it with many applications also.

With the problem, android user experience that the casting icon that is supposed to be present on their YouTube application to facilitate screencasting is missing

The cause of the problem can be due to:

  • Your device: YouTube not showing the cast button might be due to your device. Check the wireless connection to see whether it is well connected
  • The Casting Application: There might be an error with the casting application, which causes the cast icon to disappear from YouTube

YouTube no cast Button: Solution

The solution depends on the cause of the problem. However, these solutions have been itemized here

Official Requirement of Optimized Devices

According to Google, you must check whether your device meets the official requirement of the optimized devices released by Google.

Requirements (Mobile Devices)

You must check whether the Google Home application is compatible with your mobile device. The supported version starts from the Android Lollipop and higher

It is important that you know that Chromecast support for computers has been rescinded, making it necessary you have an android device

Requirements (Hardware)

Even though you have the passed the mobile device requirement, the equipment must meet the requirement to 4K or Ultra HD content

4K:  4K-capable TV and fast internet connection

HDR: an HDR-capable TV

Disconnect and Reconnect

Most users were able to resolve the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting the network. If you are using a modem, it is best to disconnect it and restart the modem

Force Stop the Application

YouTube no cast button might be due to a malfunction in the running of the process on android or the application. Therefore, it is better to stop the application and restart it. To force stop the application, navigate to settings > application > YouTube, click on force stop. After force stopping the application, you can then restart the YouTube application. This method might also work if the same issue is occurring with other applications

Update Your Application

The application might have been updated to remove the errors associated. Therefore, you can download and install the updates.

Restart Your Device
The error YouTube no cast button might be due to an error in the running of the android process. Therefore, restart your android device and check whether the cast icon is still missing from your YouTube application or other applications if necessary

Reboot/Reset Chromecast

If your device is connected to the same network, you can also reset the Chromecast. This method can also help and would remove the option of resetting the android phone that you are using