“Go To Settings To Download Using Cellular” Message: Approaches

Once it comes to streaming and downloading music on smartphones, Spotify is the preferred choice of a lot of people. With a straightforward interface and fantastic features, Spotify receives many positive remarks from its users. That being said, users of Spotify still experience problems on occasions and the “go to settings to download using cellular” message is one of them. When that message pops up, it’s impossible to get Spotify to download desired songs.

Also troubled by the “go to settings to download using cellular” message and have no idea how to download songs normally on Spotify again? In that case, this article is going to be of use to you. Down below, you would be provided with practically everything that you must remember about the causes of the annoying message and how to solve them.

What Make The Message Appear 


Errors on Spotify could be the results of an assortment of factors but regarding the “go to settings to download using cellular” message, you should keep these possibilities in mind.

Corrupted cached data 

Like every other application, Spotify stores data on devices to accelerate processes and over time, such data may become corrupted. When that occurs, various functions of Spotify would be affected and download is no exception.


Outdated Spotify versions tend to be prone to errors which is why in certain cases, it’s possible to solve problems by updating the app. To determine if your Spotify is up to date, you just need to go to Help and choose About Spotify.

Issues with SIM cards 

One of the odd things about Spotify is that on dual SIM devices, it only allows downloads with mobile data on one SIM (usually SIM2). So if you own a dual SIM phone and you attempt to download Spotify songs using SIM1, you would likely see the “go to settings to download using cellular” message.

How To Address The Situation

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Spotify users resort to all kinds of methods in order to resume download once the “go to settings to download using cellular” message comes up. If you value efficiency and effectiveness, it’s suggested that you use the following techniques.

Turn devices off and on 

While modern-day smartphones boast outstanding capabilities compared to their predecessors, they nonetheless run into hiccups from time to time. By rebooting devices, people should be able to eliminate minor issues with software and get key functions back to normal. After turning off your phone, you must wait around thirty seconds before turning it on again to protect its integrity.

Clear cached data and update Spotify

Go to Setting, click Apps then pick Spotify. Next, head to Storage and clear data. If corrupted cached data is responsible for your downloading trouble, clearing data would solve it. For good measure, it’s strongly recommended that you check for updates and bring your Spotify to the latest version.

Redesignate the SIM card for downloading songs

If your phone is a dual SIM model, you could download Spotify songs via cellular on SIM2 with relative ease. However, in the case that you like to use SIM1 to download instead, you have to redesignate the SIM card for download.

  • Step 1: Turn off the phone and remove SIM2
  • Step 2: Turn on the phone and proceed to download songs on Spotify with SIM1. From that point onward, Spotify is going to recognize SIM1 as the default SIM card for downloading songs.
  • Step 3: Turn off the phone and reinsert SIM2.  Turn on the phone and use it as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify

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  • What is the download limit of Spotify?

The download limit of a Spotify account is 10,000 songs and when it’s reached, you need to remove old tracks. There is no cause for concern since you could still listen to such songs online.

  • How come my downloaded songs keep disappearing? 

In use, Spotify permits its users to download songs to a maximum of five devices. Hence, if you attempt to download songs to the sixth device then Spotify would automatically delete tracks from the device that you use the least.

  • Why am I unable to download songs via mobile data even though I have enabled cellular download? 

Generally, a number of devices have trouble processing downloads when connected to mobile data and WiFi at the same time. Because of that, if you plan to download songs on Spotify with mobile data, you should disable the Wi-Fi connection for the time being.

  • Do downloading with cellular incur additional charges?

If you currently use a pay-per-data-used plan, you have to pay additional charges to download with cellular. On the other hand, if you subscribe to an unlimited plan, downloading Spotify songs via mobile data costs you nothing.


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