SOLVED! Cricket Visual Voicemail Not Working

If you notice Cricket Visual Voicemail not working, corrupted data is the number one suspect and you should clear the cache. Apart from that, you may want to update the app, uninstall and reinstall the app, correct the Cricket wireless number, etc. Read to the end to be able to put Cricket Visual Voicemail to good use.

What is Cricket Visual Voicemail?

Voicemail is a digitally recorded message that you can send to any contact. If you dial someone and they didn’t answer your call, you can leave them a voicemail where they can listen to when they are available. Cricket Wireless redefines the traditional voicemail.

With the Cricket Visual Voicemail, you can personalize your messages. You can view the list of the voicemails and select only the messages you want. You can play, delete, or save important messages to your memory card. Additionally, you can also export voice messages if you need them somewhere else.

Aside from the fact that you can view and listen to your voicemails according to your preferences, Cricket Wireless won’t charge anything when you are receiving voicemail. Yet, if you will respond to the voicemails through email, that’s the time that it’ll count against your high-speed data quota.

If you are using Cricket Wireless and if you get the latest version of the app from Play Store, there should be no problem. On the other hand, if you are new to this and Cricket Visual Voicemail not working, here is a quick way to properly set up the app.

Setup Cricket Visual Voicemail

It’s not like in iPhone wherein the visual voicemail can be set up traditionally. In Android mobile, you need to get the app. To get the latest version of the Cricket Visual Voicemail app, you should go to Google Play Store. Download the app and launch it.

  1. Once you launch the app, read the Cricket Privacy Policy, and accept it. Then, read the Cricket Visual Voicemail Terms of Service and tap Agree if you agree.
  2. Tap Begin Setup>Create Password.
  3. Enter and confirm your password for this app. (Password must contain at least seven numbers to at most of 15 digits — numbers only, no special characters and letters.)
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Setup your Greeting.
  6. Select Custom if you’ll record your greetings.
  7. Tap Save.
  8. Lastly, tap Finish Setup and you are good to go.

Once you correctly set up the app, you can log-in to the visual voicemail app and you can find the list of your messages. They are stored in the Inbox and Saved. If you want to listen to a particular message, simply tap the play button. In each message, you have the option to Save, Share, Export the file, copy text, Add to Contacts, and delete the message. With all these options, it’s an advantage to use the Cricket Visual Voicemail.

Why Cricket Visual Voicemail Not Working?

If you have followed the setup procedure above and still don’t get the visual voicemail app to work, perhaps, there are still other reasons why. We made intensive research and collated some common reasons why Cricket visual voicemail may not work.

  • Outdated version of the app or Not supported with the latest Android OS update: Any app will work right if you’ll get the latest update and if it’s supported by the platform you are using. You’ll get a crazy visual voicemail app if you don’t have the latest version or if it’s not compatible with your latest software.
  • Too much data stored in your app: Another most common issue of an app not working is when there is too much data stored in the app. If your phone memory doesn’t have enough space to run this app, it’ll surely not work.
  • Ported phones: Even if you are using a Cricket number, if your phone isn’t originally using Cricket wireless, sometimes the app can still detect it. Hence, you will usually encounter incompatibility issues.

Proven Solution to this Problem

There’s no single explanation why Cricket visual voicemail app may not be working on your phone. Hence, this article also reveals not just one, but a few more workarounds to get Cricket Visual Voicemail working.

Clear Cache/Clear Data

This workaround not only works for Cricket app, but for all apps that failed to work properly. Go to Settings>Applications>Cricket Visual Voicemail. Tap the app and go to Storage. There, you can see Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons. Tap on these to get rid of the data stored in this app.

Update the App

If clearing of data won’t work, it could be that you don’t have the updated version of the app. Although you’ll get a notification of any update, if you missed it, you can update it manually, similar to how you update other apps. This will surely do the trick unless the problem is on the compatibility of Cricket Wireless.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Even though you clear cache or update the app, it’s still better to uninstall and reinstall the app. It’s a tedious process, but it’s a lifesaver for some. It won’t take long, but make sure to save your data before uninstalling. In most cases, all of your data will be wiped out after you uninstall the app.

Enter Correct Cricket Wireless Number

You can use a phone running on a different carrier and install Cricket visual voicemail app. What you need to do is phone number porting. You can transfer your phone number from one telephone carrier to the other. With this, Cricket will give you a new SIM card, but you must enter the right phone number since this means routing your voicemail system.

If you are using a ported Verizon Samsung Galaxy, for example, all you need to do is go to CALL>Voicemail Settings. Change the number from *86 to your Cricket number — don’t forget to insert the 1 and the area code.

With the update of some Android phones to Android 10, some users of the app encountered this issue. If you also noticed Cricket visual voicemail not working after you had the update, contact support for assistance. It’s a compatibility issue only Google can give a concrete solution.

The Final Say

Every Android mobile issue has a solution. Whether it’s on system Setting tweaking or apps, you are always covered. And this article just gives you comprehensive solutions for Cricket visual voicemail not working.

Whether you encounter such an issue or not, it’s always important to do step-by-step troubleshooting before you panic. One of the proven ways to fix broken apps is the clearing of cache and data. If the issue persists, you can uninstall and re-install the app — but, don’t forget to back up your data. It’s also wise to get help from your phone’s manufacturer or us — we are always happy to help!