Android Battery Sudden Drop to Zero – Easy Fix

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of Android phones released per year. So, if you don’t upgrade to a newer phone per year, chances, your phone will be behind for updates and bug fixes. Aside from that, the hardware of your two-year-old phone, for example, will be completely different compared to your latest phone model. This is one of the reasons why a lot of users encounter the ‘Android battery sudden drop to zero’ phenomenon.

Android Battery Sudden Drop to Zero — Explained

It’s not normal and it’s certainly not good.

This phenomenon has been very common to older phones and it’s annoying. You have your phone charged, but eventually, after 50% or 30% it’ll automatically be dead. And, if you’ll recharge your phone, it’ll really start charging at zero.

If you are experiencing this problem, know that you are not alone and this article is designed for you. Since many people have experienced this, and some have successfully found a solution, let’s summarize it here.

Frequent Use and Abuse

If it’s possible, you should charge your phone between 40% to 80% battery level. Isn’t it a burden? Indeed, but it’s essential to prolong the health of your battery. Although the range isn’t something of scientific backing, since it differs from phone to phone, it means one thing. You shouldn’t abuse your phone to the point of draining it before charging.

Another thing is overnight charging. With the technology of these days, manufacturers like Samsung or Apple designed their batteries to automatically stop charging when 100% is reached. However, if it’s possible, unplug before or the moment your phone charges 100%. Most batteries don’t want to stay at 100% for long.

Old Battery

Even if you don’t abuse your phone by frequently charging and overcharging it, Lithium-ion batteries, which are common to phones, degrades over time. This could be a reason why Android battery will suddenly drop to zero.

Busy Background Services

Even if you don’t extensively use your phone, but for some reason, your phone easily drains, it could be because of some apps or services running in the background. You need to determine these before it’ll render your phone unusable.

Hardware Issues

If it’s not an old battery or some misbehaving apps in the background, the ultimate problem is in the hardware. It could be a malfunction of the charging board or something has gone wrong with the motherboard. It’s not something that you can easily solve — you need to send your phone to its manufacturer’s repair center.

There’s no single explanation of Android battery sudden drop to zero, but in any case, it’s something unusual and must be remediated immediately.

Solutions and Fix

There is some more scientific explanation for the sudden drop of Android battery to zero. But, the above-mentioned reasons are the common ones. Below are the most used fixes for the reasons mentioned above.

Clear Cache/Factory Reset

Don’t easily jump into changing the battery or sending your phone to repair shop without exhausting the things that you can do on your end. If you observed that your phone behaves differently after installing a new update or new apps, it could be that upon update/installation, there are some apps and activities that continue running in the background and making your battery very stressed. Hence, it easily drains and eventually drops to zero.

What you can do is clear the cache and see if the problem persists. If your phone behavior changes, but you still experience the sudden drop, try removing all the apps that you remember adding recently. They might have eaten too much power and drained your battery faster than usual.

Lastly, if you can still encounter such behavior, it’s time to do a factory reset. Just make sure to back up your files to have a smooth transition after you do a factory reset.

Change Battery

Lithium-ion batteries known to degrade over time. That’s why, if your phone is already two or three years old, it’s a big possibility that your phone won’t behave as the way when you first use it. Intervals between charging time decreases, hence, the efficiency also decreases. If your phone still behaves the same after doing a factory reset, the problem could be the phone itself.

Most smartphones nowadays have built-in batteries, which you can’t just replace. You need to go to an authorized manufacturer’s repair shop to have it replaced. And, in the event that your phone is already phased-out and you can’t find any battery replacement, you might want to consider buying a new phone.

Call for Help

If you can’t have your battery replaced or the issue is still present after changing the battery, the problem could be the hardware. There’s no patch or any quick fix of all things hardware-related. So, you need to call customer service and ask for help. You should know that once you let your manufacturer check the unit, it’ll take time before you can get your phone back.

However, for older Android phones aging three and above with such behavior, perhaps a new unit can help you become easily stress-free.

My opinion about this issue.

You can’t expect your two-year-old phone to behave like the first time you use it. Especially for the battery — Lithium-ion batteries — through time, they will actually reduce efficiency.

Yet, the battery isn’t the only reason for the quick draining of your phone’s battery. Misbehaving apps and running background services could be another problem. Hence, if you want to troubleshoot and see which is the ultimate reason for such phenomena, you first need to do basic things. Clearing of cache, uninstalling apps, and doing factoring reset.

If none of these work, try replacing the battery with a new one. Ensure that it’s new or you’ll still experience, the shorter lifespan of your battery.

The last thing you do is call for help if the problem persists. Talk to an expert about this — at least you get every fact about why you experience such an issue. And, if you find a solution, you can share it with us through the comment box below, so we can help others.


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