SOLVED! - YouTube CC Button Missing

Subtitles and video captions are very important, especially to those who are hard of hearing or deaf. That’s one of the advantages of YouTube compared to its competitors. All you need to do is hit the CC button and you’ll have an automatic transcription of the video you’re watching. But what if in one of the videos you’re watching, YouTube CC button missing?

Before, you need to specify the “subtitles” upon searching the video you want to watch. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the movie or video if it’s not in English or your native language. On YouTube, you can see that some videos have embedded subtitles, but others don’t. The video streaming platform has been making lots of effort to improve its speech recognition technology to provide automatic captions for all its videos. Unfortunately, some users just don’t have luck, maybe, and they can’t find the CC button on the platform.

What is CC Button on YouTube?

CC stands for closed captioning or simply closed captions and it’s not the same as subtitles. Although they both give text alternatives for the dialogue of the videos, they are slightly different. Subtitles refer to the text transcription of the spoken words of the characters — narrators, vocal participants, and all. Closed captions (CC), on the other hand, not only gives a readable transcription of the spoken words, but it also describes the background noise, audio cues, and the like. Unlike subtitles, CC is designed to help hard of hearing and deaf viewers understand/relate to the video they are watching. And, with more comprehensive captions, you’ll reach a much larger audience.

YouTube creators are encouraged to also provide more professional caption files to their videos. Additionally, YouTube also employs its speech recognition technology for automatic captioning. Unfortunately, technology isn’t perfect yet, so some captions aren’t accurate. And, worst, sometimes the Captions option seems nowhere to be found.

Why is CC Button Missing?

Unlike in the web version, the CC button on the YouTube mobile app can’t be found in plain view. It’s hidden in the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the player. Hence, if you have been accustomed to watching YouTube on a web browser and when you switch to mobile, of course, you’ll look for the CC button. It appears to be missing on your Android mobile, but it’s actually there.

Yet, if don’t see it anywhere, it also means either of the following:

  1. The captions aren’t available yet because the video has complex audio. It will take a while to generate the captions. Even though YouTube is generating the captions, it may not display the CC button at all due to other reasons.
  2. The language used in the video isn’t supported.
  3. The video is too long.
  4. The video has multiple speakers and they overlap.
  5. Has poor sound quality in which YouTube can’t recognize the speech.
  6. Video has an extended period of silence at the beginning.

For Video Creators

If you have uploaded your video with captions and then you delete auto caption from the editor, CC button will disappear. Although it shouldn’t be the case because you have uploaded a caption file for your video. This is an existing problem on YouTube with a proven quick fix.

Set Up CC Button on YouTube

From the above-mentioned reasons, it’s very clear that CC button is already available. Just make a quick check on YouTube Settings and activate it. Aside from the settings, the next major reason is the sound quality of the video — multiple speakers or the language isn’t supported, yet.

Check YouTube Settings

For mobile, go to Settings>Captions. Turn it on and you can also choose the language, the text size/style, and how the captions appear. Restart YouTube app and try to play a video. Now, go to the three-dot menu on the upper right corner of the player and tap (CC) Captions. You’ll have the option to display captions in English or auto-translate the audio.

As mentioned, CC button is very visible in YouTube web, at the lower-right corner of the player next to the Settings (gear icon). If you can’t see it, try going into the Settings>Playback and Performance>Subtitles and Closed Captions. Tick the Always show captions and include auto-generated captions (when available) to be able to activate captioning on YouTube web.

Still, if you can’t see the CC button or the Captions option, it’s a problem with the audio quality of the videos or missing captions.

For Video Creators

If you have accidentally deleted auto caption from YouTube editor, you can still recover the missing CC button in your video through the following steps:

  1. Go to Captions>Add New subtitles or CC
  2. Select English. A pop-up window will appear with Discard published subtitles?
  3. Click Discard published subtitles.
  4. Upload the file, then, Publish.
  5. You can see that the CC button will reappear.

The captions you created for your video will now appear when you activate CC or Captions.

Contact Creator/YouTube Support

Still can’t see the CC button? It’s now the right time to call for help. If you badly need the captions and the CC button is still missing, perhaps, the problem of the video is more serious. How about reaching out to the creator of the video to ask if Captions for the video are available? Likewise, with your video upload, you can ask YouTube support on why CC button is still missing after everything you have done.

The Final Say

Captioning and subtitles are very useful not only to deaf viewers but also if you want to extract some useful information from the video. So, if YouTube CC button is missing, it’ll be a big issue. But it won’t be long until you’ll retrieve the CC button and return it to its rightful place.

First, don’t panic when you can’t see the CC button on your YouTube mobile because it’s located somewhere else. Navigate to the Settings and you’ll be able to enable the Captions. Still, if the CC button won’t appear, it could be a problem with the sound quality of the video. You don’t have any control of the video’s audio quality, but you can ask the creators or YouTube support in case you badly need the captions for the video.


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