SOLVED! - Setting Alarm to go off with Headphones on Samsung

Samsung users are always asking the question will my Alarm go off with Headphones on Samsung?. this article discuss what you need to do in the form of setting the alarm and applications that reroute alarm

Alarm Features

The android operating system was designed and programmed to help with a daily man needs, coupled with tweaking of the OS from the Android device manufacturing company, for example, Samsung and Sony. It became one of the most popular Operating Systems boasting hundreds of millions of users. One of the features present in the Android Operating System is the alarm. The alarm feature has virtually replaced the traditional alarm clock. It is efficient in helping Android users to go about their work as timely as possible.

Setting the Alarm

Using Samsung S10 (even though it is the same for all models), you can do many things with your alarm to suit your personality: Locating your Alarm The Alarm feature can be located by following these steps: • Swipe up to open the application menu
• Open the Clock Application,
• After the clock application has opened, it shows four modes which are Alarm, Stopwatch, World Clock and Timer
• Select Alarm Setting the Alarm To change the setting of the alarm, select the time and the day (this gives the user the ability to choose many days for repeating alarms) Also, note the following modes: • Vibration: Vibration, when toggled on, makes the process of waking faster • Snooze: Snooze means the number of times it must consequently wake up if you don t wake up the first time. If you put a snooze of 5 three times, it means after initially waking you, it should wake you up 3 more times in a 5 minutes interval • Alarm Sound: Alarm sound must be activated to provide the sound necessary to wake you. It can be changed according to the user’s ability Change these settings and save

Will my alarm sound through the speaker or a headphone?

The main reason for alarm is to wake up or make you know the time in response to a situation. The Operating System was programmed in a way that even though you are using other accessories, for example, headphones, the alarm is still going to sound on the loudspeaker and accessories. Therefore, if you are the type that likes listening to lullaby using your headphone, you won’t want to disturb your surrounding with unnecessary sounds. Therefore, many questions should be on your mind due to the inability of android users to modify audio routing. Example of such questions are: • What can I do that my alarm will not sound on my loudspeaker? • What can I do that my alarm will only sound on headphones?


The only solution to these problems is getting a third-party application. Examples of such third-party applications are Sleep as Android and SoundAbout. Sleep as Android
It is a third-party application developed by Petr Nalevka that allows you to tweak the alarm clock. It can do what you want based on the audio routing, something that the typical Android alarm feature does not allow. It not only allows this but also boasts of other features in a bid to help users sleep peacefully. Example of such features are: • It has a sleep cycle tracker that uses your phone or a sensor to note your sleeping time and waking time. This feature comes in 2 weeks full trial, and on a one time, the purchase can be used for life. The sleep tracker has been proven itself worthy with many positive reviews on Google Play Store • It can also provide health services by an interaction with the Google Fit • It keeps your sleep score by measuring your sleep duration, deficit, deep sleep, snoring, efficiency, irregularity all in the way to assess your sleeping quality • It can provide gentle sounds that can ease you up to sleep, and it also has many sound lullabies modes all designed to make you fall asleep efficiently. Lullaby can be obtained due to an integration with Google Play Music and Spotify. • In a bid to provide a good sleeping pattern, it has a sleep talking recording mode, a snoring detector, and an anti-snoring feature. • It allows you to channel the audio to the headphone so that you do not disturb other people around you. This feature makes it ideal for travelers and taking necessary naps in the office and not disturbing other travelers and coworkers, respectively. You can activate the desired outcomes by following these steps • Download the application from Google Play Store • After installation open the application • Navigate to Settings • Select Alarm Default settings • Select Alarm output • Select “force headphones on SoundAbout
t is another third party application that can allow you to use your headphones in disbursing sound when used as an alarm. This action makes it not to disturb people around you. It allows the android user to channel the audio sounds generated during alarm to the headphone. Therefore, there is no fear of awakening unnecessary actions from surrounding people. This feature makes it ideal for travelers and taking necessary naps in the office while not disturbing other travelers and coworkers, respectively. It also boasts of many features that allow it to function as a music player, an alert engine while routing the audio through both loudspeaker and headphone independently, Alert behavior: with alert behavior, the application can announce calls based on the audio output that is currently employed by the user. Part of the alert behavior is the caller ID alert and is obtained for real money. It includes the other modes, which are: • Speak Caller ID let your device speak the name and number of the Caller • “Introduction” is a feature that deals with what your phone should tell you if a call comes in. • Repeat called ID shows the number of times your device should call out the Caller’s ID. You can activate the desired outcomes by following these steps • Download the application from Google Play Store • After installation open the application • Navigate to Settings • Select Alarm Behavior • Select Wired Headset behavior • Select “Notification to” • Select “Wired headset Override.”