SOLVED! - What Is Call Connect Tone?

Also called, call progress tones, are sounds that indicate the status of a telephone call to the user.  When a call is about to connect, you hear a ring-back tone.

The tones can mean various things. You get to hear 3 beep sounds when your call is about to connect. This is a common occurrence in Samsung phones.

Call connect tones are of various types, depending on the message they are trying to pass on. Most of them have been discussed below.

Types Of Call Connect Tones

Busy Icon On Mobile Phone Showing Engaged Connection

1. The busy tone/signal:

This is a call connect tone to a caller that shows the call’s failure to connect. Your call may have failed to connect for any of the following reasons.

  • The person you are calling is talking to another person on the phone.
  • The number is called out.
  • The number you are trying to call is not available.

The signal may also occur at the end of your call. This is to show you that the other party has hung up.

2. Call waiting tone:

It is common in cases, where you are on a phone call and another call comes in.

In some countries, there are a series of things you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

  • Hang up on the current call and answer the waiting call.
  • Switch between the calls using the hook flash signal.
  • Merge the two calls for conference calls.
  • Reject the waiting call.

3. Dial tone:

A sound that shows a phone call is about to be started. If your call is about to be connected, you will hear the beep of the dial tone. It will beep continuously till the receiver picks up, or the call ends with no answer.

The dial tone is of various types, which are:

  • Second dial tone
  • Secondary dial tone
  • Stutter dial tone
  • Soft dial tone

4. Disconnect tone:

This is the beeping sound you hear whenever a call has ended. It indicates to the remaining party that the other person has hung up.

5. Hold tone:

Your call may be placed on hold by you or the other party. This doesn’t mean that the call is terminated, but there won’t be any communication. The hold tone beeps continuously during this time to ensure that there is no silence.

6. Recorder warning tone:

If you hear this beep tone during a phone call, it means your caller is recording the conversation. This beep can serve as a warning tone in this kind of situation.

7. Comfort tone:

A background sound is used to fill the silence whenever there is a break in transmission during a phone call. It helps you to know that the call has not ended so you don’t hang up.

8. Reorder tone:

This is the tone you hear whenever a call cannot be processed through the network. It also signifies that the number you are trying to call is unreachable. Sometimes, it is referred to as the congestion tone; it varies according to country and telephone administrations.

9. Ring tone:

A sound made by your phone to show an incoming call, message, or notification. You as a receiver are alerted whenever a telephone network shows an incoming call. The patterns of this ring tone vary from region to region and can also be known as the ring-back tone.

10. Special information tone:

These are the three beeping tones that indicate a call has failed. You will hear the tone before a recorded message stating the reason for the failed call.

The call connect tone is common in Samsung phones. Most users consider the sound annoying. If you are one of them, here is how to turn it off.

How to Disable Call Connect Tone

To disable the call connect tone; follow the steps below to do it yourself.

  • Step 1: Switch on your device and tap “Menu” on the top right of the screen.
  • Step 2: Select “Settings” among the menu options.
  • Step 3: Tap “Call alerts”
  • Step 4: Turn off “Call connect tone” and “Call end tone”


  • Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your device.
  • Step 2: Tap “Call settings”
  • Step 3: Select “Call alerts”
  • Step 4: Disable the “Call connection tone”


Even though the call connect tone is useful, it can prove to be a problem for most Samsung users. You can disable the call connection tone to solve this problem.

Another option is to customize your ringtone. You can replace the default ring-tone with a tone of your choice. Please note that this tone must have been saved on your phone. Also, note that not all Samsung users are facing this problem.