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When you are in a hurry and you need a ride, that’s when you need Uber the most. But, instead, you’ve got the following in Uber, Oops something went wrong.

What will you feel?

You’ll surely feel devastated and will switch to other apps — if you have the option to do so. Otherwise, even when you are feeling mad, you’ll still use Uber and try your luck until you book a ride.

During peak hours when everyone is praying for a ride, it could be challenging to successfully book and get through. It may take several minutes to respond or you’ll encounter problems. But, it’s not all a problem with Uber. Sometimes it just gives us a generic error message, but it could be caused by several other things.

Possible Reasons Why Uber Returns Errors

When a mobile app returns an error, it’ll be a problem among these — the app, the phone, access, and the network. But, when you are prompted with this error in Uber, Oops something went wrong, usually, it’ll be associated with a reason. Be it about payment or location. But in general, there are four common reasons:

Internet Connection

You’ll need the internet if you want to use Uber. While mobile data is okay, but if it’s intermittent, it’s hard to establish a connection. If you have a slow internet connection or if you have been using a public internet connection, there’s a great possibility that you won’t be able to connect to its server. Hence, you’ll get an error.

One more thing. When you use the Uber app, ensure that you’ll turn Wi-Fi (if you will be using mobile data). Unless you are sure that your Wi-Fi is stable, it’ll conflict with your mobile data. And, instead of using your mobile data connection, Uber will eventually connect using public networks or home Wi-Fi.

Phone — Cache and Compatibility

Encountered the error during your latest OS upgrade? Perhaps, there could be a compatibility issue. As a usual diagnostic process, clear the cache of your phone and the app.

Likewise, you must also check the Uber app if you can find the latest update. Sometimes, if you don’t have the latest version, problems may arise. Go to Google Play Store>My Apps & Games. Find Uber and see if the Update button is activated. If so, hit it — download the latest update and install it on your device.

Problem with Uber

Especially during peak hours when Uber is in demand, it’s normal that the system will slow down. And, if it’ll take a while to make a successful booking, it’ll return the error, as well — Oops, something went wrong.

Worst case, if there are existing issues with Uber, itself. No other workaround for this than wait for Uber to have their problem fixed.

Account-Related Issues

This is the least common reason, because, in most cases — if you haven’t logged out from Uber app — you can automatically connect once you open it. Or, it could be that you’ve changed your password using other devices and so you need Uber credentials now. Furthermore, a few Uber users are temporarily blocked from Uber servers because their devices are tagged as stolen. If you think that you have encountered an error because of some account-related issues, contact Uber.

Easy and Quick Fixes

Now, it’s easier to fix the problem because the reasons have been known to us already.

Restart Your Phone

Countless problems with apps and mobile phones have been solved by just refreshing the system. You can also try this on the Uber app. Shut down your device or simply Restart it. In this way, the internet connection will be refreshed and it’ll be a chance to re-establish the connection to the Uber servers.

Check Network Connection

Are you using a Wi-Fi connection? Do you have a stable internet connection? Especially during peak hours when booking surges, a strong and stable internet connection will help you get a ride. Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Wi-Fi. Make sure it’s toggled on. Otherwise, turn it off if you are using mobile data. There will be a conflict when your Wi-Fi is on and you’re also using mobile data.

Clear Cache and Update Uber App

Go to Settings>Apps or Applications and look for the Uber app. Select and go to Storage. You’ll see Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Tap these buttons to clean the app, but this will mean you have to enter your credentials again. Ensure that you know your username and password. Or, it’ll be another trouble.


If this problem arises after a system update. Check for updates through Google Play Store>My Apps & Games. See if there’s an update available. Alternatively, you can also uninstall and reinstall the app. Given that you have a good internet connection, you can do it in minutes.

Reset Password

If it’s obvious that the app, the phone nor the network is working perfectly, reset your account and change your password. Tap the Forget Password? in the app and you’ll be prompted with your email address. Enter your email and a link will be sent. Once you launch the given link and you’ve changed your password, you should now have access to your account, again. Or else, you need to contact Uber to know what’s keeping you from going through.

The Final Say

Uber is convenient and fast. With just a few taps of your smartphone, you can book your ride which will drive you to places — wherever you need to go. All you got to do is download the app on your mobile phone and have a good internet connection when you use it. Yet, it’s undeniable that sometimes instead of a ride, you’ll get an error on Uber, Oops. Something went wrong.

There’s no sole reason why you don’t always get what you need with Uber. However, rest assured, it’s not always a problem with Uber, but your phone or your internet connection, as well. This article has established some possible reasons why Uber displays this generic error and their quick fixes. There’s no permanent solution to this problem, yet, through this article, you’ll know what to do the next time Uber prompts you with such an error.

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