Textra Not Sending Pictures

Textra is by far one of the best third-party SMS and MMS apps available in Play Store. Or, is it? While most of us are contented with the stock Android messaging app, we can do more using Textra SMS. This app is almost perfect, except that some users complained Textra not sending pictures. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, since this app is packed with mind-blowing features, but it’s an issue that needs addressing. And, we’ll get to the bottom of this problem in this article.

What is Textra SMS?

When you begin to use Textra SMS, you’ll realize that there’s so much you can do with text messages. It’s a seriously beautiful Android messaging app that is waaaaaaaay better than your stock messaging app. It’s available in both free and paid versions, but even if you don’t spend a dime, you’ll still experience its glory.

Feature-packed with over 180 material design themes and app icon colors. You can choose from different bubble styles, dark, light and auto-night modes, etc. You can schedule SMS and MMS to send in the future and you can interrupt it if you want to recall a message. Furthermore, you can send quick voice memos, GIFs, MMS group messaging, automatic video and picture compression, and more.

Do you have all these features in your current messaging app? If you don’t, there’s a good reason why you need to check out Textra. However, there’s just one downside to this app that has been buzzing around on the internet — Textra not sending pictures.

What’s the Problem?

Why is Textra not sending pictures? First, the culprit is not Textra, alone. With Messenger, WeChat, or WhatsApp you can automatically send pictures if you are connected to the internet. But Textra is an SMS app in which you also have the option to send MMS or multimedia messaging service. Sending MMS is way more complicated than just sending pictures on Messenger if you just have an internet connection.

On the Phone’s Settings

If you’ll send MMS for the first time, you won’t be able to do so without having a few tweaks of your Phone’s Settings. Even if you are using Textra, you won’t be able to send pictures unless you will change the setting in your Network.

Remember, the Access Point Name (APN) for MMS is different from the APN you have for your internet connection. APNs also differ per network provider, so you better make a quick Google search on sending picture texts with your network. If you have the network settings wrong, you will never send MMS successfully until you provide the correct details.

The following steps are for Samsung Android, but there’s only a slightly different per model and manufacturer. Differences in the OS version is also a consideration.

1. Go to Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names. Alternatively, you can just do a quick search on the Settings, Access Point Names (APNs).

2. Tap on the Access Point Names and tap on three dots (or More).

3. Tap on Reset to default, then the Reset button.

4. Then, tap Add and enter MMS Information — Name, APN, MMSC, MMS Proxy, and more. (Refer to your network provider for the details.)

5. Save the details.

To finalize the setup, try to restart your Android mobile so the changes will take effect.

Messages Settings

Your stock messaging app also has a separate Settings and you might want to check that. Depending on the phone’s model and manufacturer, sometimes you can see the MMS limit and other settings. Open your default SMS app>Settings>Advanced. If you can see more options for MMS, check whether they are detrimental in sending picture texts.

Try sending MMS using your stock messaging app. If you can successfully send and receive pictures, then the problem is with Textra. But, if you can’t send pictures via your stock messaging app, it could be that you need further tweaking on your Settings or your network provider.

Textra Settings

Delicious designed the app to be the best alternative for Android’s stock messaging app. Check the settings and ensure that you have set the file limit right to send a picture without a problem.

Textra Not Sending Pictures — Solved!

You have reached this point because you still have an unsolved problem. If you have used your messaging app to send picture texts but can’t do so with Textra, something is wrong with the app. In most cases, Textra should work with correct Network Settings.

Check Network

MMS is sent via cellular connection and not on Wi-Fi connection. You must have a data plan to send MMS messages. Unless, if your network provider allows sending MMS over Wi-Fi — just tick the Prefer Wi-Fi option. Otherwise, you must turn off anything related to sending picture texts over Wi-Fi and activate mobile data.

Check Carrier Limit

If you’re sending a huge picture using MMS, chances are, it’ll be very slow to upload and if it exceeds the carrier limit, it won’t push through. In Textra, go to Settings>MMS>Carrier Sending Limit. The default is 300 KB, but you can choose up to 2M. Yet, a safe choice would be the Carrier has no limit option. The downside could be that it’ll be too large you will incur charges should the app successfully sends the picture.

The Final Say

You don’t need to get stuck with your default messaging app if you can have the option to get the most out of your SMS and picture messages. With Textra, there’s more you can do with the messaging app. Though it’s probably the best third-party SMS and MMS app, it’s not perfect — it has flaws. And, one of the most annoying issues most users have is Textra not sending pictures. But this doesn’t mean it’s not a great alternative anymore.

When you can’t send picture messages with Textra, there are other reasons — most of them are in the settings of your phone and the app. Apart from that, you must know that MMS needs cellular connection and not internet connection unless your provider specifies so. Therefore, when nothing’s wrong with your Settings, ask your network provider. They can help you especially in setting up the network to send MMS messages.


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