Take Your Temperature App. Which is The Best?

In the past, it is impossible to know your pulse and heartbeat, check the pressure, and measure body temperature with the help of programs and applications. However, in modern society, it appears many special apps to make these impossible things to become true. So, in this article, we will introduce some best and popular take- your- temperature apps for both Android and iOS users

The human body temperature is one of the main indicators which can tell you somehow about the state of your body and problems in your health. As a norm, people have often used some kinds of thermometers such as mercury, electronic and infrared, etc or visit doctors or pharmacists to measure fever temperature. It can take your time and be rather costly. For users’ benefits, nowadays many producers released many types of thermometer apps which helps you to easily measure temperature for free on your smartphone.

Below, we would like to show you the best to take your temperature apps.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

     Kinsa smart thermometer app

Using Kinsa Smart Thermometer to measure body temperature

The first thermometer app is Kinsa smart thermometer app which has been recommended by many of the pediatricians for its accuracy and convenient. This Kinsa smart app is free available on both iOS and Android devices and very simple to use. It can be used to keep track of your body temperature, symptoms and medication very easily.  You just need to enter the temperature manually and symptoms as well. Moreover, this app can save details such as when symptoms began, how high the fever got, or when to give another dose of medication.

IThermonitor app

iThermonitor app

IThermonitor app is also a free-wonderful thermometer app for both Android and iOS system which help you to easily get your temperature on your smartphone. Users just need to put a finger to it, then the program will calculate the required indicators. Moreover, the IThermonitor app has the Temperature Trend Chart concluding temperature chart and fever-related events, which clearly shows the highest temperature and the duration of fever for each episode.

Temperature Trend Chart

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer app

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer application is another popular app to measure temperature for iOS users. you can use this app on your smartphone to measure temperature, record symptoms and get acquainted with the recommendations in a fast, accurate, unobtrusive way on absolutely free charges. Furthermore, after signing in an account, this app will allow you to track the body temperature of each family member individually. It also specifies the name, sex, and date of birth, as well as the picture of the user; you can even add notes to each recorded temperature checking to be convenient for users to read the timeline of results

Track the body temperature of each family’s member

Fever Tracker app

Fever Tracker app

Last but not lease, Fever Tracker is a great thermometer prank app for both Android and iOS users. It is rather easy to use. There are totally 2 steps to measure your body temperature on your phone. You just have to place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for the analysis, then on the screen, it will display your body temperature at that time. Moreover, this app draws users’ attention thanks to many kinds of attractive features such as beautiful charts that make you track the data easily. You can also share the data reports with other people, like doctors or pharmacists so that they are able to recommend you some of the good medications.

Overall, these are the best to take your temperature apps for both Android phone and iPhone. I hope that they would use them with your smartphone to keep track of your body temperature conveniently.



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