SOLVED! Surface Pro Stuck On Windows Logo

Versatile and flexible, Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best 2-in-1 devices money can buy at the moment. In most of the cases, Windows users could adapt their Surface Pro to multiple settings when a need arises. Still, like its contemporaries, Surface Pro is not immune to errors, especially during bootup. If you notice your Surface Pro stuck on Windows logo and don’t know why, this article is for you.

A List Of Possibilities


Your Surface Pro displays a Windows logo on a black screen and a spinning circle underneath that? Then it’s highly likely that your device is undergoing updates. Fortunately, if an update is what makes your Surface Pro stuck on Windows logo, there is no need to do much. 

Corrupted Application

For your information, corrupted applications could crash and freeze Surface Pro out of the blue. As long as corruption exists, you would have a hard time getting to the login screen. 

Surface Pro Stuck On Windows Logo: Troubleshooting


In case you don’t know, Surface Pro downloads updates from time to time to maintain performance. One tell-tale sign of the update is the Windows logo lingering on the screen as the device boots up. The length of the update depends on the size of files and it can take up to 20 minutes for the process to complete on occasions. Thus, if your Surface Pro stuck on Windows logo, don’t panic and wait for a bit. Assuming that things proceed smoothly, your device should advance the login screen before long. 

Shut Down And Restart 

  • Step 1: Press and hold power button until the screen turns off.
  • Step 2: Press and hold power and the volume up button at the same time for 15 seconds then release them. The screen may flash the Surface logo but keep holding the buttons until the prescribed time is over.
  • Step 3: After releasing the buttons, you must wait for 10 seconds. 
  • Step 4: Press power button once to turn on Surface Pro then determine whether the issue persists. 

Use USB Recovery Drive

  • Step 1: Insert the USB recovery drive into the USB port of your Surface Pro.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the volume-down button as you press and release the power button. The moment the Surface Pro logo appears, release the volume-down button.
  • Step 3: Once prompted, pick the language and keyboard layout you want to use.
  • Step 4: In Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot and choose Recover from a drive. Feel free to hit Skip this drive at the bottom if you see a prompt about recovery key. 
  • Step 5: Proceed to pick either Just remove my files or Fully clean the drive. Between the two, Fully clean the drive takes longer to complete but it’s more secure as well. Regardless, hit Recover then allow the device to take care of the rest.

Surface Pro stuck on Windows logo Image 2

Should I Keep The Surface Pro Plugged In All The Time?

It’s ill-advised to keep your Surface Pro plugged into the power outlet around the clock. That will hurt the performance of the battery and reduce battery life. While charging Surface Pro, you should unplug it as soon as battery level reaches 100%.

Do I Have To Shut Down The Surface Pro Outside Of Use?

Sending Surface into Sleep mode is sufficient if you don’t use it for a short period of time. Feel free to turn the device off if you have no need for it though. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Surface Pro?

If you give it proper care and maintenance, a Surface Pro will last for years. That being said, the battery of your device would start showing signs of aging after a few years.

Is It OK To Use My Surface Pro While Charging?

You could use your Surface Pro while charging it. Of course, you should keep an eye on the charging progress and unplug the device as soon as its battery returns to full charge.

How Is The Surface Pro Different From The Microsoft Surface?

In layman’s terms, Microsoft Surface is a standard laptop with a traditional, fixed display. On the other hand, the Surface Pro has a detachable, touch-sensitive display.


  • Download Xbox-branded PC games through the Microsoft Store application to use your Microsoft Surface Pro as an Xbox video game player.
  • Connect a Surface Pen through the Bluetooth utility in the Settings of your Surface Pro to write text using your natural handwriting.
  • Link your Airpods to the Surface Pro using the Bluetooth connection under Settings to listen to music wirelessly.
  • Install Google Drive into your Surface Pro to complement OneDrive and increase Cloud storage capacity.
  • While traveling, take advantage of Metered Connection Settings to enable upload and download limits. By doing so, you could save data in your plan and avoid extra charges.

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