SOLVED! - Reuse a Tempered Glass Protector on Android

This article explains the myth surrounding the question that is on almost all android users mind, can you reuse a tempered glass protector?


Android screen and its fragility are very much known, and compared to the older generation of phones, it is more fragile, and care must be taken in dealing with the use.

To further increase the durability of the screen when mistakenly subjected to mechanical effects such as falling, the screen protector was made.

There are many types of screen protectors, the plastic ones, liquid glass protectors, and the tempered glass protector.

Many things are done to improve the protectors, while the plastic protector has issues with the formation of bubbles, tempered glass protector was made to take care of this problem.

Although it can only take care of the problem in a large yet not complete effort. The liquid glass protector is the newest type of screen protector which has remove the defects of the others.

It does not incorporate air bubble and can be applied to virtually any screen surface to boost the screen durability.

Using the tempered glass protector has many questions surrounding it. Such as the installation and various issues that can be seen associated. Therefore, common questions can be

  • How do I apply the tempered glass without the problem of air bubbles?
  • A bad effect of air bubbles after the installation of the tempered glass protector?
  • Can I reuse the tempered glass protector?
  • How do I remove the tempered glass protector?


There is no known bad effect due to the presence of the air bubble. Simply said, air bubbles are made up of air, and it like asking the question that what will happen to your screen if air is in contact with your normal screen.

Therefore, nothing should happen to your screen if there are air bubbles in between the tempered glass protector and the screen.

However, be careful so that a material harder than the screen does not lodge in between the screen and the protector.


Although the presence of the tempered glass protector provides a higher chance of removing the air bubble, due to inexperience while installing, there might be an air bubble on your screen alter installing the tempered glass protector.

Since the presence of the air bubble is very annoying to many android users, when it’s done right, it removes the chance of air bubbles.

To apply the tempered glass protector on your android device without the accumulation of air bubbles, follow these steps.


Clean the Android Device Screen

Before installing the tempered screen protector, you have to remove the dust from the screen surface, the presence of dust can do many things such as creating air space and when the dust particles are harder than the screen it can cause scratching or breaking of the screen.

Removing the dust is done by wiping the screen of your android device with the alcohol wipe and the sticky dust removal (which are sometimes included with the screen protector as part of the installation items).

It is after you have made the android device’s screen very clean with no presence of dust and water molecules can you put the screen.

If the water molecules are not properly removed, it led to the air bubble in between the screen and the protector.

Press the screen into your phone.

Before beginning the process, you must know that the screen protector cover must be the last item to be removed.

Align the screen protector with the phone screen and press firmly the protector in the middle of the phone screen with your finger.

It is better to start from the middle because it should make it easy for you to work the air bubbles at the edge middle during installation.

Because there is no how the installation might go, that air bubble should not be formed, starting at the middle works to remove the bubble towards the edge.


No, the air bubble will remain entrapped on the screen till you remove it. You need not worry, though, since the air will not have any effect on your screen.

However, if you are concerned with the presence like millions of smartphones owners you can try to remove the air bubble Bb following the two methods


To do this, you need a plastic card, for example, a driver’s car, a voter card, or a debit card. It is efficient in the removal of air bubbles although it needs a sheer amount of force in providing the best result.

The plastic card must be clean, and there must be consistence in the working of the swipe, or else it will be for naught – you have lost the war.

You must take note of your android device screen for example with LCD screen you must not press too hard


The right answer is that it is not advisable to reuse a tempered glass protector. There are many reasons for this, and to most significant reasons are that:

  • Reusing the tempered glass protector causes the glue part of the glass to attract dust. When the tempered glass protector is then used again, it leads to the presence of air bubbles and
  • The glue does not hold properly again, and this further intensifies the air bubble formation and reduces the screen touch performance.

These reasons do not necessarily mean that many people do not reuse the tempered glass protector. To reuse it, follow these steps:

  • Start removing the tempered glass protector from one corner using a flat material with no scratchy property
  • Wrap a tissue paper around a wooden roller to clean the phone and sticky part of the screen protector to remove the presence of dust
  • Align the edge of the protector with the edge of the new phone and carefully and slowly lay it on the device
  • Wipe the screen to remove the dust, and if there is the presence of air bubbles remove it by swiping with a credit card.

However, it is better to buy a new tempered glass protector