SOLVED! - Saved Picture is not Showing on Gallery

In this article, there is a step by step guide on what to do if Saved Picture is not showing on Gallery on your Android device


What's the Difference Between Google Photos and Gallery App on Android The android operating system was designed in a way to promote the user experience. In terms of pictures, it uses the Gallery app for the display of pictures. This action does not mean that pictures can only be seen in Gallery. Several applications capable of showing pictures, e.g., Google Photo, Image Viewer, and other applications present on the Google Play Store. However, there can be errors in the execution of the Gallery application with many questions such as: • Pictures not showing on Gallery application • Pictures are saving to the device but not saving to Gallery • Picture and videos not showing in Gallery • WhatsApp Images not Showing in Gallery Before diving into the solutions to these problems, you must be understood that Gallery is an application that directly reads the Read Only Memory. This action is to check for executable file extensions such as Jpegs, gifs, mp4, png, mkv, and many other file extensions. Therefore, if your file is not present in these executable extensions, they cannot be executed by Gallery. Also, Gallery does not execute files hidden on the file manager, and this is the reason that WhatsApp status (which is hidden in the folder .Statuses) cannot be seen on the Gallery NB: if you want to hide a folder containing pictures on your android devices, rename it with the full stop. If the folder name is folder, turn it to .Folder WhatsApp is a messaging app common to millions of people. It allows users to be able to share documents, links, pictures, and videos of a size range and many other things. Nevertheless, despite its nature, users sometimes face problems due to the inability to view or locate downloaded pictures on Gallery.


The cause of the problem might be due to many factors and is explained based on each category • Pictures are not showing on Gallery This problem might be due to the media scanner service being unable to index the pictures present in the file manager. Also, it might be because the pictures are in a hidden folder. Lastly, it might be based on some error in the Gallery app • Based on WhatsApp The pictures downloaded on WhatsApp not showing might be due to the Recent feature launched on WhatsApp known as Media Visibility mode. With this mode, pictures downloaded on WhatsApp do not show on Gallery. It can also be because the pictures are in a hidden folder locked by the .NO MEDIA file. Lastly, it can be due to the accumulation of cache on the WhatsApp application.


Providing solutions is based on each question Pictures not showing on Gallery/ Pictures is saving to a device but not saving to Gallery Media Scanning Services error If the problem is due to error as related to the media scanner service, there are two things you can do. You can restart your phone, which should correct anything wrong. If it does not correct it, you must trigger it to scan the file manager using some third-party applications. Examples of such applications are Rescan SD Card and Scan Media, which are both found on Google Play Store. When used the media scanner should be able to scan and relate data to Gallery Hidden Folder If the problem is because of pictures or videos being present on a hidden folder, you can enable the show-hidden-folder and copy the pictures out of the hidden folder into another folder. Storage Permission If the problem might be a result of an issue with the Gallery application, the first thing to check is whether the storage permission of Gallery is granted. To check this Navigate to Settings>Application Manager>Gallery> Permissions, then enable permission if it is not enabled. Clear the Cache and Data However, if it is enabled before, you can clear the data and the cache present in the Gallery application. To clear the data simply navigating to File Manager>Internal Storage>Android> data> Then clear the cache by navigating to Settings>Application Manager>Gallery> Storage and clear the cache. Restart your device, and it should work. Delete .NO MEDIA file If this does not work, also you can navigate to where the images are if you see any file by the name.NO MEDIA delete it, restart your android device, and it should work WhatsApp Image not showing on Gallery How to Fix WhatsApp Photos Not Showing in Gallery Restart Your Device The first thing to try is to update your device by visiting the play store and restart the device if after restarting the phone the problem is not solved you can try the other methods For New Missing Pictures For new images, it is better to switch on the new mode on WhatsApp known as Media Visibility following the steps: • The first thing to do is to open your WhatsApp application, locate the 3-dot icon and Select settings
• Navigate to chat and switch on Media Visibility (it shows a green color)
• After switching on, all the new picture you have just downloaded should show For Old Pictures For old pictures and videos, you must try this next method. This discrimination is because only the new pictures are affected when you switched on the Media Visibility. By switching it on, the old pictures and videos are relocated to a new folder called Private. To access these pictures and a video follow these steps • Navigate to WhatsApp Images where the Private folder can be found. File Manager>WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Images.
• Open the Private folder
• Select all the images • Cut/Copy/Move to another folder Delete .No Media File Navigate to WhatsApp Images where all the downloaded images on WhatsApp can be found File Manager>WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Images if you see any file by the name.NO MEDIA delete it, restart your android device, and it should work
Clear the Cache Then clear the cache by navigating to Settings>Application Manager>WhatsApp> Storage and Cache. Clear the cache and restart your device and it should work.