Step by Step Guidelines on How to Make a Popsocket Stick to a Silicone Phone Case?

Presently used due to the completeness and the dexterity it provides to android users, the question explained by this article is how to make a popsocket stick to a silicon phone case


Android devices are more than the Random Access Memory (RAM), the Read only Memory (ROM), and the processor speed and other properties. If it just about these properties, only technologically inclined people will be thrilled with the use of the device.

The desire to customize smartphones can be seen with many people, especially females making it common for many people to be intrigued by accessories such as PopSockets, power bank, charging stand, and screen protector.

Among these accessories, PopSockets are something very common with many android users. With many questions coming off with its use. Examples of such questions are:

  • What are PopSockets?
  • What is the silicone phone case?
  • How do I install PopSockets on a silicone phone case?
  • How do I make PopSockets stick to the silicone phone case again?


There is no need to talk about the manufacturers of PopSockets. Nevertheless, the phone accessories are produced by PopSockets LLC owned by David Barnett. Their use is very underrated but much needed because of the structure of every smartphone, whether androids, iPhones, iPads, tablets, or phablets. PopSockets are plastic grips that can be attached to the back of a phone and can be used to hold on to the phone or to prop it up. This makes it the best accessory to go for when watching videos. The PopSockets were not made for the phone case directly. To be precise, they were made instead of the iPhone 4 case (even though the history is not necessary). From their production, they have gone on a dance with the god of Victory, evident in the meteoric rise in the number of sales, generating about 90 million US dollars.

There are many ways in which PopSockets can be used: you can attach two of them to one phone to give space to hang your earphones, you can place it at the bottom of the phone, so you can prop it vertically or at the middle to allow the phone to be propped horizontally.

This wide variety of usage and applicability of PopSockets has made it a very prominent phone accessory. Some people dread using large phones because of the difficulty of handling such phones, but with the availability of PopSockets, that is no longer an issue. Also, the wide variety of designs helps every user to find the one that is suitable and relatable with them


Candy Color Solid Silicone Phone Case Back Cover for iPhone SE/11 Pro

Silicone rubber was discovered in the 1940s by scientists who were trying to find materials that can be used as good insulators for engines. It is now widely used for phone cases due to its many advantages, such as it’s excellent grip, which reduces the chances of your phone falling from your hands to a minimum.

It also has good shock absorption; therefore, it prevents your phone damage during impact. Compared to other phone cases made from different materials such as plastic or rugged rubber, it adds the least to the bulk weight of the phone, thereby maintaining the handiness of your mobile. It is also less prone to scratch compared to phone cases made from other materials.

It is also quite thin, flexible, and soft while it allows you to be able to use the buttons the case is covering up quite easily (e.g., the power on and volume buttons). It can also withstand high temperatures and is resistant to water and chemicals.

However, it also has its disadvantages as it is not a good conductor of heat and can make the temperature of the phone stay higher than in which might be of harm to the general phone performance. It also attracts dirt and lint due to the static attraction qualities it possesses.

This can, however, be gotten rid of by washing with mild soap. It can also get punctured by sharp objects easily compared to metal or plastic phone cases.

Another disadvantage is relating to the reason for this article: silicone cases have been known to have quite the adhesive power to allow PopSockets to stick to them due to their highly textured surfaces.


Marble + PopSocket iPhone Case – Mermaid Case

No matter the phone you are using, you can simply attach a PopSocket to the back of the phone with many forms. There are a few steps you must go through before you attach the PopSockets to any place you want.

  • Pull back the liner used to cover the adhesive part of the PopSockets. You can use your fingernails for the separation
  • Apply the adhesive part to the back of your smartphone at any angle you want
  • Remove the films use on the grip and mount it on the center of the disk

There are many designs you can use, depending on what you want to do. They are represented in the pictures


Silicone cases have been known to have quite the adhesive power to allow PopSockets to stick to them due to their highly textured surfaces. However, many people using silicone phone cases have issues sticking PopSockets to their phone cases as it tends to come off at times due to its highly textured surface.

In the real sense of it, there has been no verified way to attach a PopSocket to an android silicone phone case as it is clearly stated on the official website of PopSocket that some difficulty might be experienced with sticking PopSockets to silicone phone cases. However, the PopSlide, which can stick to Apple silicone cases, has been recently made. Some general procedures that can be taken when you notice that your PopSocket is not sticking includes:

  • It might be due to dirt. Rinse under cold water for 10-15 seconds and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes. However, you must attach it back within the next 15 minutes after that to prevent the PopSocket from permanently losing its stickiness.
  • Also, do not leave your PopSocket unattached for up to an hour, as this can lead to it permanently losing its stickiness.
  • Also, before removing the covering of the PopSocket, ensure you have tried it on the spot where you want to apply it to prevent unnecessary removal.
  • If your PopSocket detaches from its base, do not worry as it is designed to detach.

With all these tips, you should be able to make your PopSocket stick efficiently.



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