SOLVED! - Spotify Says I’m Offline – Why?

Good music with millions of tracks available, Spotify is indeed creeping into anyone’s Android phones, computers, and other devices. Whether you are online or offline, you’ll be able to play your favorite songs — so long as you’ve downloaded songs for offline mode. If you haven’t downloaded any song for offline playback (and if you are using free account), of course, you won’t play anything. But, what if you’re connected to a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection and Spotify says “I’m Offline…?”

You haven’t encountered that problem? Lucky you. Yet, there are several Spotify users, even premium users suffered the problem. No matter what they did, they didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of being a premium Spotify subscriber. Nonetheless, this error shouldn’t hinder you from listening to your favorite songs.

Possible Reasons Why Spotify Says ‘I’m Offline’

The causes of the problem depend on the platform you used to access Spotify. Likewise, you must also check your internet connection and possible connection issues.

Spotify Web

If you are using the web, especially on your computer, the very first reason why Spotify won’t detect the connection is the internet connection. Slower internet connection may prolong access to its servers, thus returning the offline message.

Once you have verified your internet connection, the next culprit is usually your firewall or antivirus. Sometimes the firewall or your antivirus will tag Spotify as a possible threat, blocking it from accessing the network.

Spotify App

As mentioned, for Premium accounts, you can download songs and play it offline — no ads, no cuts, just soothing music all day. However, if the Offline mode is enabled, when you search, you’ll definitely get that message.

Phone Settings

Unless there’s a major bug in the app, disabling Offline mode if you want to stream music online will do the trick. Now, if you are still getting that notification, check your phone settings for some data restrictions.

Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Data Usage>Data Saver. If it’s turned on, check if Spotify is included in the exemptions. If not, then, it could be the reason why.

Restricted Public Wi-Fi Connections

Whether you are using Spotify web or app, if you are trying to connect on Wi-Fi that blocks Spotify, chances are, you won’t go through. Some schools or workplace internet connection blocks access to Spotify and other similar applications.

Permanent Fixes to the Problem

Since you’ve already confirmed the possible reasons why Spotify says I’m offline even with a valid internet connection, there are also proven solutions. You can try all these workarounds or just the procedure that fits your situation perfectly.

Check Network and Firewall

When you have installed a Firewall or other app-killing software, chances are, it will think that Spotify is a threat. For Android, if this happens after installing a new app (especially Firewall and antivirus app) try uninstalling it — see if works. For the web, access the firewall and make Spotify and exemptions.

Access to Web

If you encounter this problem while using the Spotify app, try using Spotify web. If the problem is solved, then, the problem is definitely between your Spotify app and/or Phone Settings.

On the flip side, if you still encounter the problem even with a good internet connection. Try to log out from the web version and then, login again. (Make sure you remember your credentials, or you’ll be doomed.)

Disable Offline Mode

Working on web-based Spotify? Check if the Offline Mode is enabled. Go to Settings>Offline Mode. Make sure that this is toggled off. Restart the app and the phone to see if the change has been applied. Try to turn on/off this option and check if the problem goes away.

Make Exceptions on Data Usage Restrictions

Once you are sure that the Offline Mode is disabled, it’s time to check your phone’s Settings. Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Data Usage>Data Saver. Once the Data Saver (Smart Data Saver) is turned on, it’s okay for as long as you put Spotify to excepted apps. Simply look for the Exemptions field and tap on Installed apps. Find Spotify and ensure that it’s toggled on — exempted.

Clear Cache and Clear Data

Another trick is to clear the cache and the data in your Spotify account. Go to Settings>Apps (Applications)>Spotify>Storage. Then, you can see Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Tap each to clear cache and clear data, respectively. Again, make sure that you still have your access credentials, otherwise, you won’t be able to access Spotify, at all.

Uninstall/Reinstall the App

Delete the app from your mobile phone, perhaps, it needs a fresh start. From the previous method, when you go to Settings>Apps>Spotify, you can see the Uninstall button. Simply tap it and tap OK to confirm the deletion. Once deleted, reinstall it using the usual process: Google Play Store>Spotify>Install.

One of these methods should work, otherwise, you need to contact Spotify support. You need to know if this is some sort of a bug, or they have other workarounds. So far, most Spotify users who have encountered this problem settled into one of the solutions above.

The Final Say

Spotify is one of the best streaming apps for music and podcasts, thanks to millions of songs, playlists, and artists. You can use it for free or get more features for premium subscribers. In addition, premium users can play songs offline because they have the option to download songs. But, sometimes even if you have verified your internet connection, Spotify says “I’m offline…” and will never play anything.

One major reason could be that the Offline mode is turned on. Or, if you have a firewall and antivirus, Spotify might not be recognized. You need to manually set it for Spotify to work. By reading this article, you won’t encounter this problem again, especially if you have a good internet connection. Definitely, Spotify is the best, and we can enjoy it at its best if it doesn’t have a problem like this.


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