Easy Way to get Song With Good Bass Drop on Android

It is common for android users to like a song with good bass drop because of the popularity associated with the type of music. This article covers what a bass drop is, examples of such songs, and how to make them.


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Music has always been something to our ears, delivering pleasing and stimulating sounds to calm nerves while giving a feeling of euphoria to the listeners. No matter the genre it is, music has a way of catching us.

You can be stimulated by rock, colored by blues, and giving the pop by pop music itself, yet we all listen and become intrigued by the bass drop.

Bass drop is the pioneer of moves, the inspiration to change the dancing steps, an essential club requirement. When simply defined, it is the slight pause (sometimes only for a second) in percussion and the coming back with a heavier bassline. During the pause, most dancers or music enthusiasts plot their move on how to come back to the dancing floor revigorated.

Bass drop is very common in Dubstep, electronic dance music having properties made up of rhythmic patterns and frequencies.


There are many cools songs on the world wide web that utilizes the bass drop and if you are intrigued by bass drops, you can try many of songs by artists such as Avici, Steve Aoki and David Guetta


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With its wide use in music and movies also, music having a good bass drop is now a common sight. To be precise, the creation of a bass drop is mainly meant to be done in the studio, yes like any other music, it is better to be done in the studio.

However, in this new era, everybody now owns a smartphone, and the android operating system is one of the most used OS in the world right now. Therefore, questions start coming up among android users. Example of such questions are:

  • Song with a good bass drop?
  • How to make a good bass drop on android?
  • What is a bass drop?
  • What should I know if I want to make good bass boot?

What should I know if I want to make song with good bass drop?
For you to make one of the best bass drops as a music enthusiast, there are many things you must take note of. It does not matter whether you are using an android or working in the studio to produce the beat, you need to be impactful in your dealing with the beat or song you are thinking of developing to make it a successful one. To make very good bass drop there are a few things you must know:

  • Pick a very good Sound: Even though there might be many layering sounds to give a very good bass drop, make sure that your audience continues to listen to a sound even though there might be interference
  • Have a Dynamic Layering: to have a very successful bass drop while arranging the playing of the layering, do not let them play at once. It is better to let the different layers of sound to play at a different time to allow the listeners to feel the powerful drop when it occurs
  • Do not lose the Rhythm: Try to arrange the layering sounds without losing the rhythm. The elements that make up the track must work together to achieve success. An important one to take note of is the percussion, which I believe you can solo.

After following all these tips, do note that the addition of power to the drop is not about the sounds (in terms of the number of layers). Instead, it is about how you move in and out of the drop, the anticipation you create, and the way they play off each other.

How to create a song with good bass drop on your Android Device?
To be honest, it is easy to do many things related to sound in the well-equipped studios, but the era of smartphones is here. With many things conveniently done on the smartphone, it is common to see many people having the idea of creating a bass drop on their smartphones.

The android operating system being an open sourced project allows many application developers to make applications, and to make the creation of Bass to drop more realistic on android, there are many applications that you can use. Top among these applications are:

  • MixPads 2: This application is known for its unique and friendly user interface and user experience. It is a free application that can allow you to utilize your ingenuity in the creation of unique electronic music dubstep. Its operation is very easy to understand and can be seen with both skilled and unskilled users. Also, it is continuously updated, which means that its developers are constantly adding new sounds to give a better experience. You can download on PlayStore by clicking here

MixPads 2-Dubstep Drum Pads Dj for Android - APK Download

  • Dubstep Producer Pads: this application is another popular one in the music world. It has 32 variants of may instruments and 32 samples. It allows the users to keep up with the rhythm using the inbuilt metronome and other modes. It is a free application and can be obtained from PlayStore by clicking here

Dubstep Producer Pads for Android - APK Download

  • Bass Drop Dubstep: Another one of the many applications known for its use by many people into the dubstep genre and the bass lovers. You can create tracks with the right quality using your phone without the need to go to the studio. It is also easy to use, with no respect towards whether you are a beginner or a professional. It is a free application and can be obtained from PlayStore by clicking here

Bass Drop Dubstep - Lite APK 1.1 Download for Android – Download ...


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