SOLVED! Shelves Windows It Shipping – Fix It Now

Windows 10X was one of the three Microsoft products unveiled in 2019. The new OS was to make a bold push in a new direction that Windows users had never seen. Naturally, Windows 10X not only shoved Microsoft into the limelight but also promised game-changing features. While Microsoft has decided to halt the release of Windows 10X, shelves Windows it shipping remain a hotly discussed topic. 

A Summary Of Windows 10X 

Windows 10X, considered to be Microsoft’s Chrome OS competitor, was initially developed as a lite version of Windows 10 with a modern interface. Originally designed for PCs running on Intel-based processors, Windows 10X was eventually planned to run with ARM-based CPU too.

The dual-screen Surface Neo and Windows 10X were meant to be interdependent as Microsoft intended to make Surface Neo run Windows 10X operating system. However, the device was delayed which changed the initial plan. Microsoft now came up with 10X for single-screen that differed from the intended dual-screen.

Why Did Microsoft Shelve Windows 10X

After what seemed to be a historic announcement on Windows 10X, Microsoft planned to start shipping the product for the following year but shelved the idea soon after. Microsoft ceased promoting the OS updates about its arrival were delayed as well. According to insider reports, Microsoft shifted its resources to Windows 10, leaving 10X unattended. Therefore, not much information exists about shelves Windows it shipping. 

Microsoft 10X is not the first lite version from Microsoft to be shelved. For instance, the company shelved Windows RT, a lite version of Windows 8, that was meant to support devices powered by 32-bit ARM architecture. Another example is Windows 10 S which was designed to improve performance on low-power devices by paring down functionality.  Windows 10 S was also shelved shortly after its release.

The Prospect Of Windows 10X 

Considering the way that Microsoft treats lite OS, there is a chance we would never see Windows 10X. 

Some of the previous lite versions have hit the market before shipping stopped. On the other hand, Windows 10X has not even been released into the market. On its announcement date in October 2019, the product was to make its way into the market the following year. However, updates were slow to arrive and the device meant to run Microsoft’s new 10X OS was delayed too. 

Soon, Microsoft changed its initial thoughts and developed a single-screened device. That resulted in further delays and Microsoft was unable to ship Windows 10X. 

Since the shipping has not resumed, can we still expect the Company to ship the Windows 10X in the future? According to John Cable, vice president of program management for Windows Servicing and Delivery, Microsoft was more focused on the integration of 10X technology into components of Windows and products. During the announcement of Windows 10 21H1, Cable noted that the Windows 10X technology had the potential to be used in more ways than imagined. In conclusion, the Company thought of not confining it to a subset of customers.

According to Cable, Windows 10X elements are present in Windows Insider preview builds. These elements are the new app container technology integrated into Microsoft Defender Application Guard. Another one is the enhanced Voice Typing experience. In addition, Cable hinted that the Windows Insider preview builds include a modern touch keyboard with optimized key sizing, colors, sounds, and animation.

From Cable’s words, we can get an indication that Windows 10X will remain shelved for a while.

What Is Windows 10X?

Windows 10X should not be mistaken for an operating system for traditional laptops and desktop computers. It is a new version of Windows 10 that Microsoft has developed for modern devices. Devices that can benefit from this window include the dual-screen PC as well as folding devices. Windows 10X can also be referred to as “Windows lite” or “Windows 10 Lite”.

How Does Windows 10X Vary From The Existing Operating System?

Windows 10X resembles the existing Windows 10 operating system used in contemporary computers. However, the OS features some modifications and enhancements that enable it to work normally on a wide range of devices. One key difference between Windows 10X from other operating systems is that the developer has stripped it down, making it a lightweight version of Windows 10. 

As a result, Windows 10X is able to support all UWP apps. However, it will not 100% support the legacy desktop (win32) programs but it will let the users run the win32 programs. That improves the overall security of devices but will not be as smooth compared to programs for Windows 10.

Is It Possible To Install Windows 10X On A Computer Or Laptop At The Moment?

No. Windows 10X is a special edition of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen as well as folding devices. That version of Windows 10 cannot be used to upgrade current devices.


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