This Device Is Not Optimized for Casting

If you keep getting the message about “this device is not optimized for casting,” the casting application is acting up. As a result, you determine whether Google Home supports your device. Moreover, it’s wise to uninstall and reinstall the app, update the app, restart your device and so on. Last but not least, change casting application then see how things turn out.

Screencasting on Android

Chromecast update brings screen casting to most Android phones ...

In the world of today, many technology enthusiasts, especially smartphone users, are intrigued by linking up their devices with other devices running the same or different operating systems. Android users especially can link up their devices to their televisions and computers and play games and videos at any point in time.

Screencasting is used for many things, but one of the most popular uses is its use in entertainment, for example, Netflix. Netflix is an entertainment service that provides users with movies and series.

Before its introduction, a nice weekend is about drinking or watching DVDs, however with the presence of Netflix, anybody (professional or a student) can simply stay in his or her comfort and watch films and tv series as they deem fit.

To screencast on your screencast-enabled device, you must follow these steps:

  • Check whether the app you want to use while screencasting is capable of utilizing the feature. Common applications that can be used are Play Movies & TV, YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Properly check whether the HDMI input is correctly set. The casting must be active.
  • Tap the Chromecast icon. If you do not see the icon you must return to the above steps checking the requirement, the HDMI input, and the casting dongle
  • Select the device that you want to use for screencasting.

After performing the above steps with no issue you should see the media been displayed on the device.

While Screencasting is efficient in many applications and sites such as Netflix and the making of presentations, it uses has been associated with many problems. One of the problems associated with Screencasting is not optimized for this device.

Screencasting is not optimized for this device

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Some android users experience problems when they try to mirror their device while playing videos or games on their television or other supported casting devices. The reaction gotten varies, with many users complaining of uneven immersion in whatever they are doing.

For example, the audio might be running well while the video is not showing, the video running well while the audio is haywire, or both in some cases.

This problem is caused by many things which will be outlined here:

  • Your device: Since your device supports Screencasting but is saying Screencasting is not optimized for this device, it shows that the device might be old and your device is no longer supported
  • The Casting Application: There might be an error with the casting application, which causes the Screencasting not to be possible.
  • The device you are casting to: Whether it is a television or a computer, the error might also be from there.

Solutions to Screencasting is not optimized for this device

Official Requirement of Optimized Devices

There is the official requirement of the optimized devices released by Google that can help you check whether your device is supported. Also, there is the requirement that your device must fulfill before being optimized

Requirements (Mobile Devices)

You must check whether the Google Home application is compatible with your mobile device. The supported version starts from the Android Lollipop and higher

It is important that you know that Chromecast support for computers has been rescinded, making it necessary you have an android device

Requirements (Hardware)

Even though you have the passed the mobile device requirement, the equipment must meet the requirement to 4K or Ultra HD content

4K:  4K-capable TV and fast internet connection

HDR: an HDR-capable TV

Disconnect and Reconnect

The error might be due to a malfunction in the running process of the application, therefore try and connect and reconnect. However, if the error persists, try other methods explained below.

Update Your Application

The application might have been updated to remove the errors associated. Therefore, depending on the application, you can download and install the updates. Normally, Chromecast should update over the air automatically.

Restart Your Device
The error screencasting is not optimized for this device might be due to an error in the running of the android process. Therefore, restart your android device and check if the error is still repeated.

Try Another Casting Application

All new versions (from android KitKat) have embedded casting options using the wireless display. Although some manufacturers also use their screencasting option, for example, Samsung uses the Miracast before the advent of the Chromecast. Therefore, you can use other casting applications to achieve your result.