Samsung TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: Fixes

Compared to traditional televisions, Samsung TVs offer a wide range of features but to get the most out of them, an Internet connection is essential. While wired connection via Ethernet cables is an option, many prefer to connect televisions they own to wireless WiFi routers for the sake of convenience. Usually, when TVs made by Samsung connect to WiFi networks, they would maintain the connection until the users apply changes. Still, from time to time, some people notice that their Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi for no apparent reason.

Incapable of preventing your Samsung TV from dropping the WiFi connection every now and then? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. By reading the below analysis, you should be able to understand why your television disconnects from WiFi and how to keep it from doing so.

WiFi Disconnection On Samsung TV: Suspects 

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In the course of operation, televisions made by Samsung could experience a lot of issues. However, if your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it’s suggested that you keep the following possibilities in mind


Though Samsung TVs operate smoothly in most of the cases, they still run into several bugs as time passes by. Some bugs prove to be minor nuisances and disappear by themselves but others significantly affect settings of your television and WiFi connection is an example. Because of that, if your Samsung TV somehow repeatedly fails to connect to up-and-running WiFi networks, you have to give bugs some thought.


To keep up with the ever-changing technologies, Samsung periodically releases updates for the software and firmware of its televisions. Assuming that you neglect updates and let your television fall into obsolescence, you would face quite a few problems including the constant disconnection of WiFi. Fortunately, if the frequent drops in the WiFi connection happen to be the consequence of obsolescence, your TV should return to normal after being updated.

Distance And Obstacles

Modern WiFi routers have long ranges which allow them to cover lots of space but all things have their limit. In the case that the distance between your Samsung and the router is too far, WiFi connection may be unstable.

Aside from distance, obstacles can keep Samsung TVs from maintaining a consistent connection as well. Generally speaking, WiFi routers possess the ability to send signals straight through obstacles to devices. That being said, as the number of obstacles that WiFi signals have to pass by in order to reach devices increase, their strength drops accordingly. If your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi even when it sits close to the router, there is a chance that obstacles could be responsible.

Guest Networking

For your information, many WiFi routers nowadays support guest networking and as the name suggests, it’s a setting that provides Internet access to guests. Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy that devices added to guest networking don’t have complete access. Hence, if you add your Samsung TV as a guest on your router, the odds of it being disconnected from WiFi tend to be high.

Service Provider 

There is nothing out of the ordinary with your Samsung TV and your WiFi router? Then your Internet service provider may be at fault here. If the stability of the WiFi networks is not up to par, your television would have trouble keeping itself connected.

Guidelines On Stabilizing The WiFi Connection

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When people notice that their Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, they implement multiple measures with all sorts of results. Still, in the case that you wish to reconnect your television to WiFi at once, you should try these fixes


“When in doubt, restart” is a rule of thumb that is applicable to situations that involve electronics and your Samsung TV is not an exception. Turn on your TV, get a hold of the remorse and hold the Power button. Keep holding the power button until you see the Samsung logo flashing then let go. Cannot locate the remote for your TV at the moment? Then feel free to remove the plug from its socket and plug it back in.

Update Software And Firmware 

Since getting software and firmware updates for your TV directly via the Internet is out of the question, you have to take a long way

  • Step 1: Open your computer, visit the Samsung website then proceed to choose the Support section
  • Step 2: Look for the model of your Samsung television and download the latest update available
  • Step 3: Move the update file to a flash drive (preferably empty) and unzip its contents
  • Step 4: Insert the flash drive with the update to the USB slot of your TV
  • Step 5: On your TV, go to Settings (gear icon), hit Support and select Software Update. Afterward, choose Update Now and then select the USB option.

Re-position Router And Remove Obstacles

If you believe that your router and your TV happen to be too far apart for a stable WiFi connection, closing the distance should help. As you move your router closer to your Samsung television, it’s widely advised that you get rid of the obstacles between them as well.

Disable Guest Networking 

Different routers have different settings but you would be able to access guest networking by logging in on a computer. Besides that, you could go to the network settings of your Samsung TV and get it out of guest networking of the router from there. In any case, reconnect your television to the WiFi router once guest networking is no longer in the picture and see how things turn out.

Contact The Service Provider 

So other devices you own have a hard time connecting to WiFi networks as well? Then you may want to get in touch with your service provider and ask questions.

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