SOLVED! Samsung Smart View: Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again.

With smartphones and smart TVs, it’s easier to see on a wider screen what you watch on your phone, and vice versa. Some devices have it as Screen Share, Screen Mirroring, Screen Cast, but Samsung now calls it Smart View. It’s an easy and convenient way to project your phone to your TV or laptop. However, if you are one of the users who are stuck with Samsung Smart View, ‘Something went wrong…,‘ this article will you understand this error. Aside from getting a solution to this problem, this includes tips on how to connect successfully – every time.

Samsung Smart View and Connection Requirements

Ever since Android 4.3, Smart View can already be used with Samsung Galaxy devices that support Miracast wireless technology. And, it’s even made easier now that Samsung Smart TVs also support this wireless display. No need for dangles, just make sure your phone or tablet and the screen you’re projecting is connected to the same internet connection. Also, you can connect your Windows 10 laptop to your Samsung Smart TV wirelessly using the said technology.

Great feature, isn’t it? But, if you can’t enjoy Samsung Smart View because of some errors, don’t worry, this article is made just for you. But before that, check out the prerequisites of Smart View.

Connected to the Same Network

As mentioned earlier, the two devices that you need to connect using Smart View must be connected to the same network. Whether it’s your smartphone and TV or laptop, make sure that they connect to one network. Go to Settings>Connections and you can see where your phone is connected. For smart TV, on the other hand, using the TV’s remote, go to Settings>General>Network>Network Settings. From there you can check the current connection to your TV.

Up-to-Date Software

It’s crucial that the software in the connected devices is updated. On your phone, if you are using the app, you can simply update it by going to Play Store>My apps & Games and find the Smart View app. Tap Update to get the latest version.

On your smart TV, you can go to Settings>Support>Software Update>Auto Update. If you are connected to the internet, you can select Update Now to get the latest update immediately. Check Samsung TV support page for more details.

Allow Permissions

If you are connecting to Samsung TV, you must allow permissions first to successfully utilize the Smart View. Go to your phone’s Settings and select Smart View. Then, you can see a list of available devices and tap your TV. Check your TV and select Allow on your TV to establish a connection successfully.

‘Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again.’ Error Fixed!

When the error message goes like ‘Something went wrong,’ without telling you the problem, it could be confusing. It seems like you’re shooting blanks – you don’t know where to start. With this, the following steps should help you sift through the possible reason and ultimately fix the problem.

Restart the Connected Devices

The easiest, yet the most powerful process to do when things don’t behave normally – restart your devices. Give a quick restart for your phone/laptop and your smart TV. Confirm if they are connected to the same network and see if the error will go away.

Unplug/Disconnected Other Devices

This can also happen if too many devices are using the same network. It’s hard to establish a connection between your TV, for example, and your smartphone. Unplug your TV and your Wi-Fi. Plug the Wi-Fi first to establish the internet connection and then, turn on your TV. See if it can go through. Otherwise, you really need to disconnect other devices that use the network.

Use the Smart View App on Your Mobile

For some unknown reasons, it’s more stable to connect to other devices using the app rather than the one pre-installed on your device. If you haven’t downloaded the app, go to Play Store and find Samsung Smart View Screen Mirroring app. Launch the app every time you want to project or mirror your phone to another screen.

Disable any VPN or Proxy Service

Maybe you have used VPN on your phone or tablet. Try to disable it first. Go to Settings>Connections>More Connection Settings>VPN. Make sure it’s turned off.

If you’re using a laptop or PC, try disabling Firewall and your Anti-virus. This will allow you to make a connection via Samsung Smart View. Especially if you will connect for the first time, your Anti-virus will definitely not allow such connection to occur.

The Final Say

Samsung Smart View is a great way to project your phone’s screen to a much bigger screen – TV, for example. Similarly, you can also view what’s on your Smart TV on your phone. Unfortunately, sometimes you are thrown with an error on Samsung Smart View, ‘Something went wrong. Please try again later.’ This error won’t give you anything, but you can get around this by checking out the solutions here. And, of course, you must know the things you need in order to get through successfully.

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