Ring Notifications Not Working

Android mobiles let you stay connected – making you live smarter and safer. With home Wi-Fi almost present in every household, it’s now easier to know the status of your family at home even if you’re away. Using the Ring Video Doorbell, your family is never safer. It comes with a Ring app you can download and install on your smartphone. As the name suggests, it sends you a ring (notification) whenever someone is approaching your vicinity or making a doorbell. So, when ring notifications not working, you should immediately do something about it.

What is Ring App on Android?

Our mobile devices are the most powerful tool we have today. Thanks to the faster internet connection, we can enjoy everything we need to do. The Ring app, for example, is associated with the Ring Video Doorbell. How it works and what’s the role of your smartphone to your house’ doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell is a battery-operated doorbell that can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. This can send real-time notifications to your smartphone when someone is at your door through the Ring App. The app is free and downloadable from Google Play Store, which allows you to see HD video streaming and you can talk to the person using the two-way audio communication. Once your visitor hits the doorbell or when something triggers the motion sensor of the device.

Although Ring notification isn’t all-time necessary, it could be critical if you don’t have the Ring Video Recording (which incurs additional payment). If you miss an alert on your phone, you’ll not be able to view the video. So, if you don’t want to spend more, you must ensure that your ring notification is working.

If you think you can afford an additional monthly or yearly subscription just to get the chance to review video footage within 60 days, then, go get it. However, ensuring that your Ring notification is turned on makes you spend less. To guarantee that the notification of the Ring app will work, you must know the reason why the Ring notifications not working.

Causes of Ring Notifications not Working

A lot of factors could affect Ring notifications. It could be that your notifications are disabled in the Ring app. Check in the Device Settings of the app. The ring Alerts and Motion Alerts should be toggled in the ON position (blue color).
If these options are already turned on, the problem could be in the app settings. There are different types of alerts in this awesome safety device and app tandem. There are alarm alerts, ring alarm, and device-specific alerts. You must know that the settings of the Ring app could differ for different kinds of alerts.

Another reason why your phone becomes silent all of a sudden is the internet connection. To send you a real-time alert and video recordings, the Ring device needs to access your internet connection. You might want to check your house if the doorbell is still connected to your internet or if your internet is working fine.

If the internet is all right and you still aren’t able to receive any notification on your Ring app, the problem could be on your app storage. There may be too much data in your Ring app or your phone itself that you need to clear. This is a great way to free up your phone from using too much space that isn’t necessary at all.

Solving Ring Notifications Not Working

Each of the above-mentioned causes is given a step-by-step solution. Since there are tons of Android make and phone models out there, one solution may work for some, but not for the other. Hence, it’s better to give you all the possible tricks to make this problem go away.

Stable Internet Connection at Home

To ensure that you’ll get a real-time Ring app notification, ensure that the Ring Video Doorbell is connected to your Home Wi-Fi internet. Test your internet connection if it’s stable enough. This doorbell is compatible with wireless routers running 802.11 B, G, or N at 2.4 GHz. If you have an intermittent internet connection, there’s a possibility that it won’t send any data to your smartphone. Before anything else, you have to make sure that you have properly connected the doorbell to your stable Wi-Fi connection.

Check Settings

This app needs a bit of setting up. There are different kinds of alerts and settings that you need to activate for Ring notifications to work.

Ring Alerts and Motion Alerts

In the Ring app go to Device Settings>Ring Alerts and Motion Alerts. Make sure that these buttons are turned ON. If you aren’t using the actual Ring Doorbell, you might do manual designation of the notifications on your device for it to alert you.

Ring Alarm

Check on the Alarm Alerts setting menu. You can set up the general alerts you will receive in your Ring app. This includes system security and device-related alerts. If your device is tampered, there’s a firmware update or if the battery is low, you can toggle these ON. You can receive an email notification, but the default is Push notification.

Device-Specific Alert Settings

Check some more alerts like Alarm Contact Sensors, Alarm Motion Detector, and other settings. There’s also a separate alert when a lock has been unlocked, locked, or auto-locked.

Check Ring App Info in Your Phone’s Settings

Go to your phone’s Settings>Applications (or Applications Manager)>Ring app. Tap the Ring app and tap the checkbox for “Show Notifications,” which will enable the alerts. Likewise, activating this option will ensure that the Ring notifications are a Priority. If it’s already been checked, try unchecking it and restart your device. Then, tick it again.

Clear Data and Reset the App

Perhaps there’s too much data in the Ring app, already. Try clearing the cache and the data by going into Settings>Applications>Ring>Storage. There you can see Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Note that you need to log-in again.

Or, an easier thing to do is reset the app. Uninstall and reinstall the app. However, you need to set up the devices again and log back in.

The Final Say

Your Android mobile phone can provide you with everything you need. Android phones are very versatile. They can be of service to you in times of need and safety. Since your mobile phone can be connected to the Ring Video Doorbell, you can be at peace wherever you are. You know and can see who is at your front door and you can even communicate with them since the Ring app notifies you. That’s why, when the Ring notifications not working, it’ll pose a big problem.

This article gave you a detailed explanation of the causes of the problem as well as the possible fixes. For as long as you have updated Ring app and a stable internet connection at home, there’s no reason why you can’t get Ring notifications. However, Ring app Settings might need a proper setup to be able to get the notifications that you need.

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