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If you have mistakenly or knowingly reset your android phone, you might be familiar with this problem. This article will treat the problem based on the causes and the solutions

Android Security

In the introduction of technology, one of the words feared by many people is “hackers.” The unknown people that can steal your data in your what? Yeah, computers. This age has long gone with hackers showing interest in not only computers but other forms of devices, whether Android or smartphones. It then brings us to the question, which operating system is the safest when comparing both Android and iOS. Frankly, iOS devices are much more secure than their Android counterparts. Android ranks lower than iOS because it is an open source project is very easy to tinker with Android codes on comparing with iOS.

Google Attempts ar Security

To further boost Android security, Google integrated the google account into the security of the device after a factory data reset. The device protection program came with android 5.0 (Lollipop) and required a user to confirm his or her identity using an already set-up google account. It is a compulsory step, unlike when you buy a new phone where you can skip it. The feature is very proficient when you think about losing your android device. If the absence of the feature, it is very easy for the thief to wipe your data by doing a factory reset and then continue using your phone or sell it. Android Lollipop was the first Android version to have the feature and starting from Lollipop; all the others continued in the footsteps. Therefore, be careful with your Google account credentials because it is the only way you can access your phone after a factory reset.

Please sign in using the previous owners account

Google tried with the attempt to improve the security of Android devices, but the trial has led to the above problem, which is now rampant among users of android devices.
What are the causes of the problem? The major cause of the problem is because Android users do not adhere to instructions registering their Google mail account. No matter the reason you choose to consider the factory resetting your phone, without following the proper instructions, there is bound to be a problem Also, the problem depends on the route you take to factory reset your Android. If you take the normal route by navigating to settings and choosing a factory reset, the Factory Reset Protection is not activated. However, if someone uses the bootloader to reset the device, it can lead to the activation of the FRP. The FRP won’t go away until you input the previous google mail account on the device. Constant display of the problem can also be due to you changing your password after factory resetting your device. Even though there is a record of the google mail on the device


Solutions to this problem are in the form of a precaution and solution. The precaution is to teach you how to factory reset a device in the future while the solution is going to deal with the present problem. PRECAUTION DISABLE FRP BEFORE FACTORY RESETTING It depends on the age of your device. Old devices need several steps, while new devices are straight forward. When you want to disable the FRP in new devices, it is advised to perform the factory reset using the Settings. The factory reset on Settings depends on the Android version. For Android Pie, navigate to Settings > System > Reset Options > Factory data reset. If this is done, there is no need for error in new devices For old devices, you have to delete all the accounts present on your device manually. These are the steps that you have to take to ensure that FRP is not triggered. • You have to navigate to settings and remove the security that is present on your phone (although it might not be needed, it might be required for some other phones). • Navigate to Settings > Accounts to remove all the Google accounts that are under Accounts. Make sure you remove all the accounts there. • You can then perform the factory reset. If you have not logged in your google mail on the Android device you are trying to factory reset, do not perform a factory reset through the bootloader. To check if your action was successful, you can switch on your device again. If it does not ask for any sign-in, it has been successful.


If you have already made the mistake of factory resetting your device using the bootloader, and you are facing the problem. You can try these things • Sign-in into your account: Before you can do this, make sure that your google mail is already signed in on the device that you have factory reset. If the requirement is met, you can proceed. If the requirement was not met try the others • Wait three days: If you have changed your Google details (e.g., password) after performing the factory reset, wait for 72 hours before you unlock the device. • Bypassing FRP: For you to be able to use this method, you must have google keyboard and must be connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • When it says that you should type your Wi-Fi password, change the keyboard to google keyboard by long-pressing google keyboard
  • Connect via Wi-Fi and when it brings you the place to type your Google account, tap the space and the google keyboard should appear
  • Long press the @ symbol and select Google keyboard settings
  • Click on the three-dot lines on the upper part of the screen
  • Select Help and feedback
  • Click on the first tab and long press on any word you like
  • After selecting the word, click web search
  • Open it via Google App
  • 9: Search for Setting on the Omnibox, and it should show normal Setting icon
  • Click on the Settings icon and navigate to factory reset
  • Perform the factory reset
  • After performing these procedures, your device should have bypassed FRP